Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω Episode #07

Oh look what we have here, it looks like Farnis Lamnites wants to have sex with Diablo as a reward for saving Zircon City. Then again, the demon lord from another world is still socially-awkward as ever.

Meanwhile, it’s Emile Bichel Berger as the self-proclaimed protector of women has returned! Nice to see this adorkable knight again.

However, Horn sees Emile as a suspicious person. Don’t worry Horn, Emile is not a suspicious person despite the fact that he’s not as strong as Diablo.

Meanwhile, let’s focus on Edelgard where Diablo and his party found out that Krebskulm’s bodyguard is working as a maid waitress… in a café/bakery somewhere in Faltra City.

I have to say that she looks cute in that maid uniform, although I want to know if Krebskulm is okay ’cause she should be protecting her.

Oh yes, it seems that Edelgard is not working along as Mei is here to accompany her.

Okay Mei, what about your job as the innkeeper? Have you really abandoned the Relief Inn? But hey, Mei still looks cute though.

One last thing, here’s Krebskulm where she’s currently eating biscuits at the café/bakery. Glad that she’s okay, but Krebskulm shouldn’t eat some goods without paying them.

Then again, I have a feeling that Edelgard used half of her salary to pay for Krebskulm’s biscuits as she wants to make her master happy.

Now then, let’s move onto some serious stuff where the owner named is being mugged by goons who are forcing him to buy their phony statue. Man, what a drag but I’m hoping that Diablo won’t get involved in this.

Unfortunately, one of the goons got his hand slipped in which the statue landed on Krebskulm’s plate. Oh boy, they’re dead!

And so, Krebskulm give these goons a taste of her dark powers as the former demon lord decimates them. Well, good thing Diablo managed to stop Krebskulm from killing them outright.

Turns out that these goons belonged to the Measmos mafia in which their modus operandi is to force civilians to buy fake statues or they’ll get punished by a divine being. Okay, what a scummy move there, but Krem-chan won’t forgive them from ruining her biscuits.

And so, they storm into the Measmos mafia headquarters where Krebskulm just curb-stomp those goons. Looks like Diablo and his party won’t have to do the dirty work.

Meanwhile, here’s Scarface where the Measmos mafia employed him to be their top bodyguard. Then again, I’m not sure if Scarface can survive Krebskulm’s wrath?

Oh wait, he didn’t as Krebskulm just kicks Scarface to the crotch. So much for the top bodyguard of the Measmos mafia as he became impotent thanks to Krebskulm.

Now then, it’s time to face the don of the Measmos mafia as he begs for mercy… to no avail. I mean, Krebskulm doesn’t understand pity when her biscuits got ruined by thugs.

And speaking of Krem-chan, she won’t waste any time on killing the don just because his underlings destroyed her biscuits. Um Krebskulm, don’t do that!

Fortunately, Diablo managed to stop Krebskulm from killing the don as the Measmos mafia surrendered. Looks like these goons have learned their lesson not to mess with the former demon lord.

Of course, Edelgard propose to the don that he and his goons should apologize and atone for their crimes. It’s better than killing them off easily but anyways, Faltra City is finally safe again!

Now then, looks like the lieutenant general has returned as Chester Ray Galford is finding a girl named Krebskulm who said to be the demon lord. Um Chester, Krem-chan did the right thing.

However, Mei told the lieutenant general that Krebskulm stopped the Measmos mafia, thus she brought the café owner to prove Krem-chan’s innocence.

But even if she has key witnesses, Chester is not convinced as Krebskulm is still a threat.

Fortunately, Celestine Baudelaire has arrived to tell Chester Ray Galford that the don of the Measmos mafia decided to turn on a new leaf and help the citizens in Faltra City instead of scamming them.

See, the lieutenant general shouldn’t be suspicious towards a child like Krebskulm ’cause she’s not a demon lord at all. Not to mention that she scared them straight just to become upstanding civilians.

In any case, looks like Chester Ray Galford will have to take his leave, but the former hero will keep a close eye on Krebskulm just to make sure that she doesn’t destroy the entire city.

One last thing, looks like Emile Bichel Berger won’t be protecting the likes of Lumachina as the knight will be protecting Faltra City instead. Sorry Emile…

With that said, Diablo and his companions will go to Seven Wall and take Lumachina Weselia to the Grand Cathedral, although they should be careful when going to the capital.

That’s because Vishos is planning something terrible towards Lumachina. You’ll see soon enough on the next episode but man, I’m really scared that this cardinal might destroy Lumachina’s divinity!

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