Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita Episode #07

Let’s start this episode with Laika as she transforms into a small dragon. I have a feeling that Azusa might do something to revive Lord Pecora.

But speaking of Azusa Aizawa, she’s really excited that Laika became a cute dragon that the witch hugged her. Um Azusa, don’t squeeze her tightly, okay?

With that said, it’s time for Laika to take some herbs without being detected, although I’m not sure it’ll cure Lord Pecora’s headache.

But you know what, Azusa Aizawa will do anything to save her family from being executed, even if she’ll have to force Provat Pecora Allières to drink her herbal drink.

On the other hand, here’s Vania where she has a map that leads to the sick bay. Hmm, Lord Pecora should be in her bedroom, right?

But no matter then as Vania leads Azusa to Lord Pecora’s location. Of course, the Witch of the Highlands will have to put up a disguise as a demon doctor.

Unfortunately, despite looking like a demon doctor thanks to Vania, they won’t let Azusa in as these demons are very suspicious of her. Really, it’s not like Azusa will murder the queen of all demons.

With that said, looks like Azusa has no choice but to brute-force her way to see Lord Pecora, although I’m worried the demons might not survive her magic powers.

Fortunately, the Witch of the Highlands hold back her magic as she managed to knock out those demons. C’mon, it’s expected that they didn’t stand a chance against Azusa Aizawa.

Now then, it’s time for the Witch of the Highlands to cure Provat Pecora Allières by drinking the potion she made.

Unfortunately, Lord Pecora anticipated Azusa’s presence that she accidentally headbutted the witch. Wait, how come the queen of all demons is still awake?

With that said, Lord Pecora is gonna challenge the Witch of the Highlands as she brings out her sword. I’m not sure if the queen of all demons can beat Azusa Aizawa?

As you can see, Azusa dodges her attacks. Well, barely as Lord Pecora only shreds her clothes, meaning that Azusa doesn’t get any fatal cuts.

But speaking of Azusa Aizawa, it’s time for the witch to show her stuff as she punches Pecora’s sword.

While I commend Pecora for lasting much longer since she’s the queen of all demons, she’s gonna lose against the Level 99 witch.

Anyways, looks like Provat Pecora Allières conceded defeat as her sword is shattered into pieces.

Not only that, but Azusa pushes her hand towards the wall to assert dominance. Wow, she really did the kabedon towards the queen of all demons.

But speaking of Lord Pecora, looks like she loves being dominated by a witch that the queen of all demons calls Azusa as her older sister.

Looks like the tables have been turned but what about Halkara? Is she cleared from her crimes as a klutz? Well, Lord Pecora pardoned the elf.

And so, Azusa Aizawa and her family is safe from becoming enemies to the demons as the Witch of the Highlands defeated Provat Pecora Allières.

But as you can see, Shalsha and Falfa kissed their mommy now that they finally go home safely. Of course, Azusa needs to get her award first.

Now then, here’s Lord Pecora where she’s about to grant the Witch of the Highlands the peace award. But there’s a surprise guest during the ceremony.

You see, Lord Pecora wants to award Laika for forging a peace treaty with the Blue Dragon Clan. C’mon, Azusa didn’t just stop both clans by herself y’know.

Speaking of the Blue Dragon Clan, here’s Flatorte where she get an award from the queen of all demons even though she and her Blue Dragon Clan attacked first on the 4th episode.

And now, it’s time for Lord Pecora to hand out the medals for the awardees, although the queen of all demons decided to throw them to the sky in which the trio grab them with their hands.

Well then, looks like the awards ceremony is finally over… except that the queen of all demons asked Azusa for a special request.

You see, Lord Pecora asked Azusa to touch Flatorte’s horn as the queen of all demons wants the witch to let the blue dragon join her family, although Flatorte is still resisting as doesn’t want her horn to be touched by anyone.

Ultimately, Flatorte conceded as she becomes Azusa’s property now. Dang, Lord Pecora is one cheeky demon girl who wants to see Azusa dominating everybody.

One last thing, this is Fatla’s human form as she’ll be accompany Azusa Aizawa and her family until they returned to their home. Of course, their return trip will be a bit bumpy since Vania is carrying them.

But anyways, Flatorte has joined Azusa’s family as the blue dragon is being petted by the Witch of the Highlands. Well, not surprising there!

Of course, she’ll have some rivalry with Laika as these two dragons are fighting for Azusa’s affection. Um you two, please respect the treaty.

But that’s about it for this episode and man, it’s crazy that Azusa Aizawa save Halkara’s life by overwhelming Provat Pecora Allières both physically and emotionally. Still, I have a feeling that the queen of all demons might pay them a visit in the future.

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