Let’s start this episode with Chise Asukagawa where she was ostracized back in middle school, hence Chise decided to drop out ’cause no one reaches her.

And the reason why she was ostracized in the first place is because Chise has a tattoo on her left arm. Then again, I have a feeling that there’s more than just having intricate scribbles on her skin.

Now let’s move onto the present where Chise Asukagawa was very surprised to see a golden dragon in her room. Wait a minute, could it be that the strange object has evolved into this mecha-like kaiju?

Anyways, this golden dragon doesn’t have a name, so Asukagawa called this kaiju as Goldburn which is based on one of her favorite rock bands.

Now then, it’s surprising that Chise Asukagawa got a mecha, albeit a sentient one as Goldburn went from being small into a large kaiju in under a few minutes.

Of course, the question is whether Gauma will accept Chise’s pet kaiju or not.

Meanwhile, let’s move onto both Yomogi Asanaka and Yume Minami where they finally met Futaba Senda, Kano’s boyfriend.

Now then, I hope that he can deliver some answers to Yume Minami ’cause she really needs to know on whether her sister is bullied or not.

Unfortunately, Futaba doesn’t know who bullied Kano simply because some people don’t want to admit it. Furthermore, her death was even called an accident by the police, which Senda has no choice but to accept it.

Man, I feel that Futaba Senda is a weak-willed person simply because he didn’t have the guts to save Kano Minami from her death.

With that said, looks like Futaba Senda will take his leave as he’s now a married man. For Yume Minami, she was devastated that there’s no definite closure on her sister’s death.

Now then, it’s time to fight another kaiju named Gibzorg where it has the ability to shake the ground, meaning that most of the machines aside from Dyna Wing will have difficulty when fighting on uneven terrain.

Oh yeah, looks like Juuga is controlling Gibzorg in which he’ll beat Gauma this time.

Well then, it’s time for Dynazenon to finish the kaiju off, but the Dyna Wing is not there to help Gauma and the rest out.

That’s because Yume Minami is currently moping around on top of the tower. I guess she still can’t accept the fact that Kano’s death is still an accident.

Fortunately, Chise Asukagawa is there to pick her up but Yume doesn’t want to get involve on fighting kaijus anymore.

Of course, Chise won’t like Yume’s answer as she can’t abandon her comrades. And besides, the search for finding the answer on Kano’s death is not yet over ’cause you have Yomogi helping her.

However, should Yume Minami still insists on not going to help Gauma and the rest, I guess Chise Asukagawa will have to pilot the Dyna Wing instead. Then again, Chise has Goldburn on her side so Yume is needed.

Except that Yume Minami accidentally fell down while attempting to get her ankh puzzle. Man, I wish Yume shouldn’t climb on top of the tower ’cause it’s really dangerous.

Fortunately, Yomogi Asanaka attempts to rescue Yume, although Yomogi might not reach her despite using Dyna Soldier.

That’s until Goldburn steps in to save Yume and while Yomogi tries to stop this mecha kaiju, Chise told him that Goldburn is an ally.

Now that Yume Minami is rescued, it’s time to help Gauma and the rest of the team.

Unfortunately, Gauma, Koyomi Yamanaka, and Gridknight are currently sinking as Gibzorg is attempting to bury them.

Luckily, Yomogi and the rest are here to save them from being drowned, although Goldburn will have to lift Dyna Striker up from being buried beneath the ground.

Of course, you have Chise reminding Gauma and the rest, including Knight and Second, that Goldburn is an ally and not an enemy.

Oh by the way, Sizumu tries to control Goldburn, but failed due to its mechanical nature, plus the fact that Goldburn saw Chise as its parent.

Now then, it’s time for Gauma and his team to combine into Dynazenon as they pull Gridknight up from the sinking ground. It would be bad if the hyper agent got buried deep.

Of course, Juuga won’t let them recover as he ordered Gibzorg to fire a powerful beam.

Fortunately, Goldburn saved both Gridknight and Dynazenon by becoming a shield, blocking Gibzorg’s beam until it dissipates.

Gotta say that Chise’s pet mecha dragon is very useful but there’s more than just becoming a shield.

That’s because Goldburn is actually the final component for a powerful combination. Really, you gotta love this combination sequence thanks to Studio Trigger.

Anyways, here comes the birth of the ultimate hero as Kaiser Gridknight is finally formed. Man, it’s awesome to see this majestic mecha!

Of course, it’s time to finish the kaiju off with the Dynamic Cannon as they’ll unleash its ultimate attack: Rex Grid Fire.

And as you can see, Gibzorg is basically no match against Kaiser Gridknight as the Rex Grid Fire just vaporizes the kaiju instantly.

With that said, looks like the Kaiju Eugenicists are bested thanks to Kaiser Gridknight, although Juuga should ask his fellow kaiju users to support him much like how Onija and Mujina did to Bullbind.

Of course, finding a suitable kaiju is starting to get difficult as Knight and Second are hunting them down as we speak.

But speaking of those Gridknight Alliance members, they’re playing with fireworks together with Gauma and his friends. It’s nice to see them participating in the festivities.

One last thing, here’s Yume Minami where she decides to wear a yukata for this occasion. I’m glad that she’s okay, but I’m hoping that Yume will find a definite closure to Kano’s death as she has her teammates to back her up.

But that’s about it for this episode and I gotta love the appearance of Kaiser Gridknight! Still, the last few episodes will have the Kaiju Eugenicists getting more desperate.

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