Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω Episode #09

Let’s start this episode with Horn where she’s the only one who stayed behind as Diablo and the rest are currently inside the Grand Cathedral.

Now, Horn just cries as she’s struggling to find ways to save her friends.

That’s until a Level-Up Goddess named Babalon appeared from the Holy Grail in which she’ll make Horn stronger… by letting out fresh virgin blood of course.

By the way, the Level-Up Goddess is summoned when Horn peed in the Holy Grail. Still, Horn doesn’t want to give her blood to the goddess.

You know what, the only way for Horn to get stronger is to wear the pact choker.

Sure that she’ll die when Diablo is killed in battle, but Horn needs to get stronger in order to save her friends.

But anyways, Horn wore the pact choker in which she becomes stronger, basically on part with Level 80 adventurers.

Now then, Horn has finally arrived at the Grand Cathedral where a group of paladins are about to apprehend her.

However, Horn has decides to take the sexy route in which she seduces the paladins, telling them to let her in.

And it turns out, Horn’s charm did work on those paladins as they nonchalantly let her in. Glad that she took the pact choker.

But now, Horn will have to set Diablo and the rest free as she finally got inside the cathedral, although Horn will have to pay attention to her surroundings.

Especially when this tiger is about to pounce her. Oh yeah, her charms won’t work towards the beast.

But yes, Horn got hurt real bad. Someone call a healer on this fellow, will ya?

Fortunately, Diablo decides to break out of prison by busting out the door. Man, can’t believe that he can break free on his own, but I guess Diablo can’t make a ruckus or Lumachina will be killed.

For now, it’s time for Diablo to give a potion to Horn as he doesn’t want her to die.

Also, Rem Galleu will take care of those monsters as she summoned her trusty sabertooth tiger. Wait a minute, what happened to the tiger that attacked Horn?

Well, turns out that this paladin named Gufuyun where he kept the tiger in one of his books after landing a fatal blow to Horn, although Diablo already healed her.

Still, the demon lord from another world won’t forgive Gufuyun for attacking Horn but this paladin don’t care as he really want to come out on top.

Anyways, Gufuyun summoned a bunch of monsters from the Book of Helena. Wow, that looks hideous but will this ball of beasts can defeat Diablo?

Well, here’s the demon lord himself where he’s about to perform a powerful spell called Rock Cannon.

Then again, Diablo just drop a boulder towards the monster and it’s about to crush Gufuyun. This paladin doesn’t stand a damn chance!

With that said, Gufuyun is finally defeated thanks to Diablo throwing a boulder at him, although I have to say that he did it too much.

Now then, looks like Diablo went outside the cathedral as he warned everyone that they lost their faith due to Vishos’ greed, therefore he’ll destroy everything unless they set Lumachina free.

Oh and you think that he’s joking around despite his social awkwardness, Diablo proves that he means business as he casts lightning towards the followers. Well, the demon lord didn’t kill anyone but he’s very serious on his demands!

Fortunately, the Church of the Celestials let Lumachina Weselia free as they don’t want to feel Diablo’s wrath. Now then, it’s time for the demon lord to save the high priest.

Of course, there’s Vishos where he cannot lose to a mere demon lord as he’s about to awaken Europa, the God of Destruction. Wow, he’s getting desperate that he’s using an evil god to destroy everything!

Then again, will Vishos succeed on defeating Diablo? Ack, I really doubt that but anyways, tune in next time for the final episode!

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