Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! Episode #10

On this episode, No. 6 and his crew are just chilling out as they’re preparing for their next expedition, which is getting the ancient weapon to defeat the giant mole called the Sand King.

So yeah, Alice Kisaragi is currently cleaning her trusty shotgun while Tiger Man is reading loli hentai manga. Basically, nothing special happened on this episode.

Well, that’s until Alice receives an e-mail where it features a live stream… from the Kisaragi Corporation. Um Alice, please check if it’s legit or you might get scammed.

Anyways, it turns out that the stream came from Black Lilith where it’s revealed that she’s broadcasting the company party… illegally.

Oh I bet that she’s earning lots of evil points because of this guerilla stream.

But as you can see, Black Lilith is showing some alluring shots of both Freezing Astaroth and Flaming Belial. God, I wish No. 6 attend the party and slap some tits and asses!

Speaking of Black Lilith, it appears that she’s pretending to be innocent towards Belial and Astaroth. C’mon, she doesn’t want those two sexy dynamites finding out her guerilla stream.

Except that the jig is up when Belial noticed that the main screen has Lilith’s stream. Oh boy, the scientist is in trouble.

Oh, and it gets worse when the popularity contest is rigged in Lilith’s favor. Seems that she put a paywall in her stream, thus those suckers are actually voting for Lilith whenever they pay a subscription fee.

For both Flaming Belial and Freezing Astaroth, this is unforgivable as their top scientist is rigging the competition.

And so, Black Lilith got punished for her trouble as the two generals wreck her badly. That’s what she get for cheating the popularity contest.

However, thanks to Lilith’s broadcast, an army of heroes are storming towards the building as we speak. Man, I blame to loli scientist for not encrypting the stream.

In any case, Freezing Belial made a final message to No. 6 as she bid him good luck on defeating the demon army and conquer the planet. Oh please Belial, don’t die just yet!

But that’s the end of Black Lilith’s guerilla stream as the combat agent is scratching his head on whether the Kisaragi Corporation survived. I mean, No. 6 wants to see Belial again.

In any case, see ya next time where the combat agent and his allies are finding ways to stop both the demons and the Kingdom of Toris. Then again, would it be better if they get the ancient weapon right away?

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