Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. Episode #10

Well everyone, the clock is already ticking for Sayu Ogiwara’s departure and while Hashimoto-san and Yuzuha Mishima are worried about Yoshida-san getting a bit lonely, it seems that he can’t be involved in Sayu’s family affairs anymore. Then again, I doubt it.

Meanwhile, here’s Issa Ogiwara where it’s revealed that his family is pretty much broken. You see, Issa and Sayu’s father is the CEO of Ogiwara Foods in which he lusts for other women apart from his wife.

Oh and here’s the cruelest part where Mr. Ogiwara wants his wife to abort Sayu, but she refused to do so and thus he left with another woman. As for Mrs. Ogiwara, I think she has regrets on giving birth to Sayu. Seriously, I blame those two for ruining Sayu’s life in which they didn’t show care towards their daughter.

Now then, looks like Yoshida-san got a call from Asami Yuuki, telling him that Sayu Ogiwara went missing. Oh boy, Yoshida-san is so worried about Sayu that even Hashimoto-san noticed it.

In that case, looks like Hashimoto will have to take Yoshida outside… by pretending that they got sick. Um you two, there’s no way Airi Gotou will allow such lame excuse.

Now then, here’s Hashimoto-san driving Yoshida-san at the highway he has some harsh worse towards his co-worker. You see, Hashimoto is frustrated that Yoshida, despite being committed to finishing deadlines and such, is a worrisome man towards Sayu Ogiwara that they’re pretty much inseparable at this point.

Sure that Sayu is committed on facing her inner demons but she’s still scared on facing her mother alone. But seriously though, what happened to that girl?

Meanwhile, it appears that Yoshida received a call from his boss, saying that Sayu-chan has been found. Okay, seems that Airi Gotou knows that her employee is worried about the runaway girl.

But here’s Sayu Ogiwara where she’s safe and sound thanks to Airi Gotou and Asami Yuuki. Geez, Yoshida almost got a heart attack should Sayu went back without saying goodbye.

Oh yeah, it turns out that Sayu is actually waiting for him, although I feeling that both Airi Gotou and Asami Yuuki made a prank towards Yoshida-san. Really, that was a cruel thing they did to be honest.

But all’s well that ends well as Yoshida-san finally found Sayu Ogiwara. I guess Hashimoto-san is right they’re inseparable but tomorrow will be the day Sayu returns to Hokkaido.

On the other hand, it appears that Yoshida-san will join her as they’ll face Sayu’s mother together. I’m hoping that Mrs. Ogiwara won’t accuse Yoshida of having sex with her daughter because he’s a good guy, unlike those other men who used Sayu as their fucktoy.

Anyways, tune in next time where they’ll go to Hokkaido. Expect some hard-hitting drama in the remaining episodes!

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