Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω Episode #10

This is it, the final episode of Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω and Vishos is having a power trip as he’s fused with the God of Destruction. Man, I thought that he’ll run away after summoning Europa.

But now that Vishos is controlling Europa, the first thing he’ll do is to eliminate the high priest Lumachina Weselia as he doesn’t like her presence. No, not Lumachina!

Anyways, Europa destroyed a large part of the Grand Cathedral with its powerful laser, although I wish Lumachina is rescued by Diablo.

Fortunately, Diablo managed to save the high priest but he’s a bit injured right now.

By the way, Diablo knows about Europa back in his Cross Reverie days as a limited-time raid monster. Unfortunately, he can’t defeat Europa since Vishos used enchantment around the God of Destruction.

Meanwhile, here’s Sanro where he told his fellow devotees that the cardinal Vishos is destroy the cathedral using an evil god, therefore Sanro told them to help Lumachina as the high priest is closer to God than the corrupt cardinal.

At least this boy opened his eyes that the Church of Celestials has gone corrupt thanks to Vishos.

But now, it’s time for Diablo to protect Lumachina Weselia as she’s about to cast Dispel onto Europa. Of course, Lumachina needs a lot of time to cast her powerful magic spell.

Luckily, Diablo is not alone on defending Lumachina as Rose has arrived, complete with her Magimatic Soul in which her arms will assist her master.

However, Europa destroyed Rose’s giant mechanical arms as well as her right arm. Say it ain’t so!

While Rose is still okay, it appears that she’ll out of commission for the time being until her right arm is fully-repaired.

Meanwhile, it looks like Sanro and the rest of the followers decides to lend their power towards Lumachina Weselia. Glad that they open up their eyes as they believe in the high priest.

But here’s Weselia where she used Dispel on Europa, rendering Vishos’ enchantments useless towards the raid boss.

Now that Europa is completely vulnerable, it’s time for Diablo to bring out his two trusty lances. C’mon, he knows that the raid boss is basically screwed.

And so, Diablo throw his Shining and Darkness Lances towards Europa’s eyes, killing Vishos instantly. That’s what he gets for abusing his power within the church!

Anyways, Europa is finally defeated thanks to Lumachina Weselia and Diablo.

Of course, Lumachina will have to clean up the church’s mess since Vishos and his cronies attained lots of money from the poor.

Meanwhile, here’s Rem Galleu where she found some of Vishos’ men lying dead on the ground. Looks like someone killed them in retaliation.

And it turns out that it’s none other than Gewalt where he’s no longer a paladin. In fact, he hates Vishos’ guts so much that he killed his cronies in cold blood.

Also, Gewalt gave Rem a prison key as he want to repay someone’s favor. Wait, is he referring to Lumachina Weselia?

Turns out that it’s actually Tria where she’s actually alive. I don’t know why she survived after being eaten by a monster from the first episode, but I bet that Gewalt saved Tria after Lumachina healed him.

Still, Lumachina Weselia is happy that her paladin is okay as the high priest sets Tria free. Well then, it’s all over as Vishos and his cronies are finally defeated.

However, Lumachina is worried that the Church of Celestials is still vulnerable that she offered Diablo to join the church as a paladin.

Then again, Diablo refused Lumachina’s offer because for one, being a paladin is wrong and two, Lumachina might become overdependent on the demon lord’s power.

Anyways, I hope that the Church of Celestials will turn a new leaf under Lumachina’s leadership.

Now then, here’s Horn where she decided to attend a magic school as she wants to become stronger. Being Diablo’s servant isn’t enough.

Oh yeah, it appears that Alicia Cristela will teach various magic spell, plus a little bit of lady etiquette to Horn. Well, good luck to Horn if she can survive Alicia’s lessons.

One last thing, it appears that Shera L. Greenwood is wearing a wedding ring which the busty elf got it from Diablo’s Treasure Room. Oh boy, looks like a certain Rem Galleu is very jealous that Shera got a wedding ring while she only has a magic ring.

But that’s the end of the 2nd Season and all I can say is despite having new characters like Farnis Lamnites and Lumachina Weselia, I feel that the villains on this season is hardly a threat. Sure that Batutta gave Diablo a hard time taking the paladin down, but everything else like Varakness and Vishos feels like a cakewalk for the demon lord.

Speaking of new characters, while I like Lumachina’s personality since she’s a saint to everybody, I feel that Farnis needs some love as I’m hoping that she’ll join Diablo’s harem, but decided to stay in Zircon Tower City. Oh yeah, as for Rose? While I love that sexy maid robot, I’m hoping that Rose would tell to Rem and Shera about his time playing Cross Reverie, although that is reserved in future seasons.

While I’m glad that Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu got another season, I feel that Season 2 is not that great. If they want to make a follow-up, I’m hoping that they’ll get better this time!

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