Let’s start this episode with Anosillus the 2nd where she tries to heal Gauma with her Fixer Beam, although I think that it won’t work simply because Gauma is a mummy who can’t control kaiju anymore.

Oh yeah, here’s the Kaiju Eugenicists where Mujina, Onija, and Juuga saw Sizumu’s true form, a powerful kaiju named Gagula.

But it gets ever worse is that Gagula devoured the eugenicists as Juuga and the rest felt that kaijus are needed in this world.

Anyways, looks like Gagula got stronger upon devouring the eugenicists, meaning that it’s hard for Gridknight to stop this kaiju on his own.

So much that Kaiser Gridknight was easily defeated. I guess Gauma and the rest will have to assist Knight if they can beat Gagula.

But first, they need to find the Dyna Machines and Goldburn. Good thing Chise Asukagawa found Goldburn as she’s happy to see her mechanical kaiju again.

Of course, Goldburn is still shaken as Gagula pushed the kaiju away from Gridknight and the Dyna Machines.

But hey, once Goldburn has finally recovered, this mechanical kaiju can still transform into a shield in which Goldburn protected Gridknight from Gagula’s laser.

Meanwhile, looks like the Dyna Machines are returning to battle, starting with Dyna Striker where Koyomi Yamanaka is back in action.

There’s also Yomogi Asanaka and Yume Minami where they landed a kick towards Gagula, although this kaiju can’t be defeated by Dyna Soldier Wing Combine alone.

Also, looks like someone launched a barrage of missiles in which both Yomogi and Yume noticed it.

Turns out that it’s none other than Gauma where he’s piloting the Dyna Diver despite his deteriorating health.

Oh yeah, Second is assisting Gauma since he can’t move by himself. But anyways, glad that the team is back for the final battle!

But let’s begin their counterattack as they combine into Kaiser Gridknight where it delivered a devastating punch towards Gagula’s face.

Of course, Gagula won’t give up as the kaiju fired a powerful laser that might destroy Kaiser Gridknight.

That’s until Yomogi Asanaka decides to separate from Kaiser Gridknight as he attempts to control Gagula using Instance Domination.

Sure that Yomogi managed to control Zaiohn for a brief minute, but will it work against the most powerful kaiju in existence?

Well, Asanaka briefly control Gagula as he tilt the kaiju’s neck upwards, steering the beam away from Kaiser Gridknight. That was a close one!

But since they separated from Gridknight and Goldburn thanks to Yomogi Asanaka, looks like Gauma and the rest will have to deal more damage using Dynazenon’s Full Burst.

Speaking of Gridknight, looks like the hyper agent combined with Goldburn where he gained flight abilities aside from having golden armor.

With that said, it’s time to finish Gagula off as Gridknight and Dyna Rex performed a powerful combination attack called Burning Grid Rex Roar.

For the Kaiju Eugenicists, looks like Juuga and the rest won’t give up yet until they’ll have a world full of kaiju. Man, they’re so defiant till the end!

But you know what, I think it’s time to end their reign of terror as Gridknight and Dynazenon punched Gagula to the face.

While it’s sucks that Juuga and the rest have finally accepted that they can’t win against them, what about Sizumu as he still remained silent till the end?

Well, Sizumu is here where he realized that Yomogi Asanaka has the potential to become a kaiju user, although Sizumu is disappointed that Yomogi chose to waste his talents by living peacefully.

Speaking of Asanaka, while his life is somewhat troublesome where his parents got divorced, Yomogi made some friends such as Gauma, his fellow Dyna Machine pilots, and the Gridknight Alliance.

So yeah, he doesn’t need to become a kaiju user since Yomogi’s life got better. Then again, thing would have been different if his life took a turn for the worse where Yomogi might become the next Akane Shinjo.

Anyways, Gagula is finally defeated thanks to Gridknight, Goldburn, and Dynazenon.

Unfortunately for Gauma, it appears that he’s on his last breath as Gauma realized that despite not seeing the princess in this world, he learned the value of friendship thanks to Yomogi and the rest. Really sad that Gauma dies on this final episode.

Still, I’m hoping that Gauma will be reunited with the princess in the afterlife as Dynazenon is deactivated now that Gauma passed away.

Oh yeah, since the Kaiju Eugenicists are finally defeated, there’s no need for Knight and Second to stay in this world as they’ll return to the Computer World together with Goldburn and Dynazenon. This is for the best, I guess.

And now, let’s move onto the epilogue where 3 months have passed since Gagula is defeated.

While Chise Asukagawa didn’t return to school, it appears that Koyomi Yamanaka got a new haircut and a job thanks to Arata Tachibana recruiting him. C’mon, we can’t forget about the time he saved Inamoto’s husband back in Episode 7.

Speaking of Chise Asukagawa, it appears that her dragon tattoo is fully-visible rather than being hidden behind a cloth. Then again, I wish Chise would go back to school and try to reconnect with her classmates.

One last thing, it appears that both Yume Minami and Yomogi Asanaka have become lovers. It’s nice that their relationship has blossomed after Yomogi helped Yume on finding the truth regarding Kano’s passing.

Oh and by the way, it looks like they have matching scars too. Actually, it’s Gauma’s scar where Yomogi, Yume, and Koyomi has one since they used the Dyna Machines, although I wish Chise will have one as well.

But that’s the end of SSSS.DYNAZENON and I really enjoyed the spin-off/pseudo sequel to SSSS.GRIDMAN. While I enjoyed the fight scenes thanks to Studio Trigger’s amazing animation, I’m pretty much sold on the cast of characters as they have personalities, struggles, and development. Then again, Chise Asukagawa needs some love since her trauma is still left hanging.

Of course, understanding the lore requires to watch Denkou Choujin Gridman which shows Gauma’s origins, although I feel that it’s somewhat optional to most people. But for me, I might watch the original tokusatsu show if I have time that is.

Still, SSSS.DYNAZENON is a great show to watch and it’s sad that Yomogi Asanaka and his friends will return to normal lives since there’s no kaiju threat anymore.

But for Knight and Second, their fight is still not over as they finally brought Goldburn and Dynazenon to the computer world.

Oh and speaking of Dynazenon, it becomes a sentient mecha. I have a feeling that Gauma’s soul now resides Dynazenon.

While SSSS.DYNAZENON is finally over, the Gridman Universe is still expanding as Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya are making more shows out of it!

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