Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Episode #24

Oh look, Ms. Spider is back and I thought that her soul is destroyed by Ariel. Still, she managed to save herself by having another body in case Ms. Spider got killed.

Then again, she’s stuck in her basic Taratect form, meaning that she needs to grind more experience points.

On the other hand, it appears that Ms. Spider can finally evolve into an Arachne. We’ll get to that part later.

Now let’s return to the present where the demon army are taking out Potimas’ mechanical minions. Of course, Sophia Keren already took care of them using her vampiric powers.

Meanwhile, here’s Schlain Zagan Analeit where he asked Wrath on why he joined the demon army? C’mon, they’re best friends way before Shunsuke and Kyouya were reincarnated into Schlain and Wrath, respectively.

Then again, Wrath won’t answer that because his boss has some important things to do, especially when Potimas is around. Regardless, Schlain is losing against his former friend.

That’s until Anna intervenes and pays the price for it as she was slain by Wrath. I have to say that the half-elf is no match towards a demon general, not to mention that Wrath is a reincarnated person.

Anyways, Schlain tries to heal Anna but I have doubts if he can save the half-elf from certain death.

Even worse is that Schlain got a nasty headache upon getting the Taboo skill, meaning that he’ll see the awful truth behind this fantasy world.

Of course, the hero won’t believe it at first but for now, I’m worried that Anna might die on this battlefield.

Meanwhile, here’s Hugo Baint Renxandt where he doesn’t want to be ignored by everyone that he attacked Sophia Keren. Then again, he made a big mistake.

Except that when Sophia decides to kill Hugo off, someone beat the vampire to the punch as Sophia drops Hugo’s lifeless body to the ground. Okay, who would kill Hugo off?

Well, a certain woman in white appeared in which Filimos and the rest are surprised to see her presence. Oh and you want to know the craziest part?

For you see, this girl who killed Julius back then is actually Ms. Spider’s true form or should I say Hiiro Wakaba’s reincarnated form.

This means that Filimos claims that Hiiro Wakaba is dead is not entirely true, but how did Hiiro (or Ms. Spider) appeared at the present time?

But first, let’s move back to the past where the Keren County has been overrun by the Kingdom of Ohts, although Potimas and his elves have arrived to kill Sophia Keren.

While Merazophis tries to defend Sophia, it seems that he’ll succumb to his wounds anyway.

However, Sophia decides to bite Merazophis’ neck which turn him into a vampire. I guess Shouko gained a new skill when she’s in a pinch.

With that said, Merazophis gained vampiric powers like faster recovery in which his wounds are fully-healed.

Unfortunately, Merazophis is no match for a certain elven leader as he finally appeared.

That’s right, it’s Potimas where he realized that Sophia Keren’s presence would be a hindrance to his grand scheme of controlling the entire world.

Unfortunately, Potimas was interrupted when a certain spider appeared to save Sophia Keren.

That’s right, it’s Ms. Spider where she finally evolved into her Arachne form, although it’s kinda creepy that this upper body of a human is attached to her head.

With that said, Ms. Spider proceeds on saving both Merazophis and Sophia Keren by healing their wounds, although their injuries is somewhat minimal since both of them are vampires.

Regardless, looks like Merazophis will have to escape along with Sophia Keren as things might get dangerous between Ms. Spider and Potimas.

But speaking of Potimas, looks like he was easily defeated by Ms. Spider as the elven leader was knocked-out. Then again, it’s not easy to take him down.

You see, it’s revealed that Potimas is actually a robot, complete with an arm cannon in which Potimas destroys Ms. Spider.

Well, the only thing that the elven leader took it out was Ms. Spider’s head. Still, is it enough to kill the pesky Arachne?

Not quite as Ms. Spider can still fight, knocking Potimas down to the ground.

And really, I’m surprised that brain is not relocated towards her human head ’cause that would be disastrous.

Regardless, Ms. Spider can still fight against Potimas despite the fact that the robotic elf disabled her magic.

Then again, she managed to break Potimas’ arm cannon using one of her Evil Eyes. At this point, it appears that their battle ends in a stalemate.

But it gets worse from here because a certain character appeared to interfere their fight between Ms. Spider and Potimas. Oh, and this character is dangerous!

Anyways, say hello to Ariel in which the demon lord has arrived, although she acts like one of Ms. Spider’s Parallel Minds.

Wait, don’t tell me that the body persona managed to rewrite her mind, becoming one of Ms. Spider’s host bodies?

In any case, looks like Ariel managed to defeat Potimas, right down to destroying his mechanical head. I guess the elven leader is no match for the demon lord.

Of course, it’s not over yet as Ariel is about to confront Ms. Spider where she managed to attach her head onto her human body. Oh boy, the demon lord is gonna kill her soon enough.

But, Ariel decides to make a truce as the demon lord has no desire on destroying Ms. Spider. Well, I’m glad that Ms. Spider’s body persona successfully rewrote Ariel’s mind into one of her allies.

In any case, looks like Ms. Spider doesn’t need to fight Ariel anymore as they become friends right away.

Of course, now that Potimas is been taken care of, it’s time for Ms. Spider and Ariel will have to find Merazophis and Sophia Keren since the elves are still searching for them.

But speaking of Potimas, it appears that he has tons of spare bodies should one of them got destroyed. I guess that explains why Potimas came back from the dead.

With that said, it seems that Ariel and Ms. Spider will have to find Potimas’ real body in order to destroy this elf for good. Seriously, this guy is really the main antagonist all along.

And now let’s end this final episode where Ms. Spider and Ariel found Merazophis and Sophia Keren. Glad that they survived as the demon lord has a new mission to accomplish: Saving the entire world from destruction.

Then again, the one who came up with the idea of saving the world is Ms. Spider as she found the secrets of the world thanks to her connection with Administrator D. Speaking of Ms. Spider, she’s still stuck in her hideous Arachne form as it’ll take years before reaching her perfect form.

But that’s about it for this anime series and I must say that the story is really interesting despite the fact that this show has some horrible CGI in some other places. Ms. Spider is fine but seeing Schlain and the rest being animated in 3D is somewhat jarring.

While it’s understandable that there’s production issues within Millepensee in which the final episode is delayed, but I’m hoping that things would get better for that animation studio should Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? will have another sequel. Well then, I’m gonna miss Ms. Spider already…

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