Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun Episode #13

Well everyone, it’s time for a special episode of Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun where it contains two stories, starting with the first one where it tells the story of how Minami Nanami and Hanabi Natsubayashi met.

You see, Hanabi or Tama-chan is a very timid girl in which Mimimi is worried that she won’t fit in with the rest of her classmates, although Hanabi felt that Mimimi’s advances are a bit annoying.

That’s until Aoi Hinami invited Hanabi Natsubayashi at the summer festival as she wants to befriend her. Then again, Hanabi felt that it’s a waste of time.

However, it looks like Natsubayashi went to the festival anyway. I have to say that she looks so cute but Hanabi is worried that no one would see her.

Actually, turns out that Aoi-chan and Mimimi are here. Sure that Tama-chan doesn’t want to get close to Mimimi, but I’m hoping that she’ll accept Nanami’s embrace even if it’s annoying.

And so, it’s time for the festivities where the girls saw the fireworks display. Heck, they got lucky that Aoi and her friends found a nice spot.

As for Minami Nanami and Hanabi Natsubayashi, they became friends afterwards. I have to say that it’s nice to see how Mimimi befriend Tama-chan.

Now let’s move onto Fuuka Kikuchi where she’s working at a restaurant as usual. In fact, most of the customers found Fuuka to be the cutest waitress ever.

Well, that’s until Aoi Hinami and her friends are here for lunch. Oh yeah, Fumiya Tomozaki is here along the ride since he’s hanging out with popular kids as part of Hinami’s plan to change his appearance.

Anyways, remember Yuzu Izumi? Well, it appears that she’s feeling a bit disappointed that Shuji Nakamura still ignores her.

You know something, I have a feeling that Nakamura is taking TackFam seriously ’cause he might have a score to settle against Tomozaki-kun. Still. it’s sucks Yuzu is being ignored.

Speaking of Tomozaki-kun, looks like he noticed Fuuka Kikuchi hiding behind the kitchen. I guess she’s too shy to meet up with her classmates.

Still, Aoi Hinami and her friends are pretty much stuffed after eating lunch at a fancy restaurant. It’s sad that they didn’t see Fuuka Kikuchi working even though Fumiya Tomozaki took a glimpse of her.

Oh yeah, here’s Kikuchi where she’s heading home by herself. Seriously, I wish Fuuka would say “Hi!” to Fumiya Tomozaki when she has a chance.

But wait, seems that Fumiya Tomozaki sent an encouraging text message. Glad that he’s keeping in touch with Fuuka Kikuchi.

But that’s about it for this special episode of Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun. Now, I would say that both stories are okay, but I really like the 2nd one because Fuuka Kikuchi is really cute as a waitress.

With that said, when will Shogakukan announce a 2nd season of this show? Then again, we might not get a continuation for a long time!

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