Bokutachi no Remake! Episode #03

Let’s start this episode with Kyouya Hashiba where he’s not blessed with success in his previous life, but he makes it up with his ingenuity where Kyouya managed to make a promotional video despite not having lots of assets.

Now let’s return to his current life as Kyouya Hashiba told his dormmates that the project can be saved by using a DSLR camera. Of course, it’s not enough to make a decent film so Kyouya asked everyone if they have a spare camera.

Luckily, Nanako Kogure got a digital camera where it can record 15-second videos. Sure that the footage might be blurry, but having a digital camera is a godsend for Hashiba.

With that said, Hashiba will use his previous experience to save the short film project, although he’s open to new things as Kyouya asked Takashi Kiryu for assistance.

And while Takashi-san will help Kyouya and his friends, he told Hashiba to join the Fine Arts Study Group after the short film production.

And so, Team Kitayama made a short film using both a DSLR camera and a digital camera. Yes, they really want to use a camcorder but it’s all in the past now. Still, how’s the reception?

Well, it turned out great as the audience love it despite having technical challenges. C’mon, the story flows nicely thanks to Rokuonji’s script and Hashiba’s cinematography.

Oh yeah, here’s Eiko Kawasegawa where she really loved their short film. Sadly, Kawasegawa’s team won the competition which is quite surprising given that Team Kitayama had a better story in spite of having technical difficulties.

Now then, here’s Tsurayuki Rokuonji where he blamed himself for accidentally renting a DSLR camera to shoot the short film. But you know what, I think Rokuonji won’t make the same mistake again as this is a learning experience for him.

On the other hand, looks like Eiko Kawasegawa is complaining that Team Kitayama’s film should have won as their cinematography is better.

However, Kanou-sensei told Kawasegawa that while their film is unorthodox given that there’s an equipment issue on their end, the decision to choose Kawasegawa’s team as the winner is because they have the right equipment on shooting the film.

But yes, that’s about it for the film competition and while the students learned something upon taking this exercise, there’s plenty of time to hone their skills until they’re ready for the big leagues.

By the way, it’s very surprising that both Kanou-sensei and Eiko Kawasegawa are actually sisters, although the former doesn’t want any favoritism over the latter as Kanou-sensei wants everyone to become better artists.

Moving onto the next scene where Nanako Kogure shows off her talent at the karaoke bar as she sings “Sobakasu” by JUDY & MARY. Really surprised that Nanako sings a song from Rurouni Kenshin.

On the other hand, here’s Kyouya Hashiba where he told Nanako Kogure to post her music to the internet, especially Youtube where it has a wider reach.

Of course, Nanako is scared that most of them would bash her singing talent. Oh geez Nanako, are you scared that trolls might derail you?

You know what, I think Kogure should post her recordings on Nico Nico Douga where legendary artists are born there.

Now then, looks like Kyouya Hashiba and his friends have finally joined the Fine Arts Study Group. C’mon, Takashi Kiryu and his eccentric club members helped the Share House Kitayama tenants on saving their short film project.

On the other hand, I have to say that the Fine Arts Study Group are pretty talented in their respective fields, although it’s sucks that Tsurayuki Rokuonji didn’t join the ride as he’s busy writing stories.

One last thing, here’s Aki Shino in which she’s contemplating on whether to continue drawing artwork or not as she fears that her illustrations alone won’t make a living.

Of course, Kyouya Hashiba told Aki Shino not to quit on drawing as he really loves her artwork. C’mon, he came from the future after all when Kyouya is a fan on Shinoaki’s illustrations, of course Hashiba can’t tell Aki about what happened 10 years later.

But that’s the end of the 3rd episode and while it’s a learning experience for the Share House Kitayama tenants on making a film, there’s still more challenges to come as Kyouya Hashiba must play catch-up if he wants to reach the same level as the Platinum Generation. With that said, see ya next time!

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