Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. Episode #02

Here’s Koushi Nagumo where he’s currently sleeping at his room. Really, I’m glad that he’s sleeping in a warm futon instead of cardboard.

Well, that’s until Kiriya Senshou literally crashes towards Koushi’s room. It seems that this martial arts girl couldn’t control her strength when reading shoujo manga.

Oh and it gets worse for Nagumo as Senshou wrestles him into submission. Honestly, this poor boy really had it rough ever since becoming the dorm manager or dorm mother as they would call it.

Of course, I feel that Koushi will calm those college girls down eventually as he’s doing his job pretty well despite being a middle school kid.

Meanwhile, here’s Serene Hozumi where it appears that she suddenly kissed Koushi Nagumo. I wonder why Serene is very attracted to him?

Speaking of Koushi-kun, seems that he saw Serene having bunny ears and tail, although let’s just say that what he saw was merely a dream.

Come to think of it, I feel that Serene might actually be an alien. After all, there’s a myth that rabbits came from the moon.

Moving onto the next scene where Atena Saotome went outside together with Koushi Nagumo to buy ingredients at the supermarket.

Then again, Atena still has her androphobia in which she gets a nosebleed every time a man touches her. Good thing she’s wearing nose plugs and a face mask today, but I bet that Saotome might break hives again.

Sadly for Atena Saotome, it looks like her androphobia still persists upon seeing two men in front of her. I have a feeling that she’ll lose a ton of blood today.

Fortunately, Koushi Nagumo took Atena Saotome to a karaoke bar as quickly as possible.

Really, glad that Koushi is a lifesaver ’cause things would get worse if Atena-san encountered some scumbags who want to rape her.

Anyways, here’s Koushi Nagumo where called Atena Saotome as Aneki which translates to Big Sis. Would it be better if Koushi call her as Atena-neechan?

Still, hearing Koushi’s words has somewhat aroused Atena Saotome that she’s naked for a brief time. Let your imagination run wild ’cause this is the only nudity on this episode!

With that said, Atena is happy to hear Koushi calling her as Aneki as she’ll strive to become a better sister to him. Oh I wish she’ll become one but first, Saotome needs to overcome her weakness.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about her klutziness as Atena Saotome accidentally removed her skirt and smack her ass towards Koushi Nagumo’s face. Man, I wish I was Koushi-kun but more importantly, I wonder what happened to their haul from the supermarket?

No matter then ’cause I’m hoping that Atena’s androphobia will be cured at the end of this series. For now, I hope that Koushi Nagumo is okay on the next episode.

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