Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki Episode #04

Looks like King Kazuya Souma heard something dangerous from Tomoe Inui that he told everyone not to leak it. By the way, turns out that Tomoe is not subjected to horrific torture but let’s hear what she said at the end of the previous episode.

Turns out that this wolf girl has an ability to converse with demons in addition to animals. In fact, Tomoe remembered one time when a demon told her to get away or she might put herself to danger.

Anyways, the fact that Tomoe understanding demon language is both a blessing and a curse that it’ll shake the entire continent of Landia, therefore the wolf girl needs to be protected at all cost.

Of course, Tomoe Inui being protected by Royal Guards would raise suspicion as Marx suggested to adopt her as part of the royal family. Sounds like a great plan there.

And so, Tomoe Inui got adopted by the Royal Elfrieden family where she’s being doted by the likes of Liscia Elfrieden. Then again, I’m hoping that no spy would learn Tomoe’s ability.

Now let’s move onto the next scene where Juna Doma and Poncho “Ishizuka” Panacotta are doing a Gemstone Broadcast. I wonder what they’ll show to the people of Elfrieden?

Well, they showed a live octopus in which Poncho told everyone that it’s a delicacy from the coastal towns.

Of course, both Liscia Elfrieden and Aisha Udgard are disgusted that they’ll eat live seafood. Well, wait till Kazuya Souma make some food from an octopus.

All he need to do is to cut the octopus tentacles, cover the bits with batter, and deep-fry them. Wait, did he just made takoyaki in this fantasy world?

But yes, this is a no-frills takoyaki where it only has octopus bits being rolled into a ball. But how’s the taste?

Well, turns out that everyone is delighted to eat takoyaki. C’mon, it’s their first time they eat Japanese-style meals in this fantasy world. But that’s the appetizer.

You see, the main course will be cockroaches where it’s soak in mashwater and sugar, then it’s deep-fried to perfection.

Oh yeah, according to Ishizuka, mashwater is a condiment that mystic wolves like Tomoe Inui enjoy. And you want to know how mashwater is made?

Well, mashwater is made from soybeans. Wait a minute, looks like Poncho Panacotta discovered soy sauce in the continent of Landia.

On the other hand, seems that the mystic wolves made what appears to be miso as a byproduct of mashwater (or soy sauce). Man, I have a feeling that Kazuya Souma will make miso soup later.

Speaking of King Souma, looks like he’s feeling a bit homesick upon eating one deep-fried cockroach. Oh yeah, the cockroach is not only edible, but delicious.

Anyways, looks like the Kingdom of Elfrieden made the first step on solving the food crisis thanks to the introduction of seafood, soybeans, and various food not found on the kingdom. Now then, I’ll see you next time ’cause Kazuya is getting started on the reforms!

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