Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. Episode #03

Now this is very interesting as Koushi Nagumo is dressed up as a gothic lolita thanks to Frey. While he looks so cute, Koushi-kun is still not safe from the tenants of Megami-ryou.

There’s also Kiriya Senshou where she still wrestles Nagumo, although I have to say that Koushi-kun’s cheeks is touching Kiriya’s tits.

Oh, and Koushi-kun unexpectedly got his face shoved by Kiriya’s soft ass until he passed out. Rest in peace young boy… Just kidding, he’s not really dead y’know!

Anyways, here’s Atena Saotome where she’ll revive Koushi Nagumo in spite of her androphobia. C’mon, she’s the big sister to Koushi-kun after all.

Then again, Nagumo accidentally pull down Saotome’s shirt which revealed her large breasts. What a cheeky boy!

Oh yeah, and it looks like Atena lost a pint of blood again where she spew it towards Koushi’s face. Still, I hope that Saotome is okay!

Now let’s move onto the next scene where Koushi Nagumo went to school after losing his home back in the first episode.

Of course, Koushi-kun encountered one of his classmates named Sutea Koroya where she doesn’t care about him returning to school, but the truth is that Sutea really worried that Koushi might die of hunger ever since his house burned down.

By the way, Koroya has a weak body in which she can’t stand the heat. Fortunately, Nagumo is here to help his classmate out but I have a bad feeling about this…

Anyways, looks like Koushi-kun got a bit of an accident with Sutea-chan in which he push her to the bed and lift her shirt up.

Oh, and here’s Sutea Koroya where she’s getting horny towards Koushi Nagumo. Man, I have a gut feeling that she wants to have sex with him at the infirmary.

Then again, Sutea decides to kick this shit out of Koushi-kun ’cause her heart is not yet ready!

All I can say is that Sutea is one violent tsundere character despite struggling to cool her body down.

Now then, let’s end this episode where Frey and Mineru Wachi went outside to see Koushi Nagumo.

Sure that Frey wearing a bunny suit is fine, but Mineru wearing nothing but her lab gown again might arrest her for being a nudist.

Oh and gets worse where Koushi-kun brought his classmate to the infamous Megami-ryou dormitory. Man, I think Nagumo shouldn’t bring Sutea Koroya to a women’s dormitory.

But that’s about it for this episode where Koushi Nagumo will have a nasty kick from Sutea Koroya soon. Oh I hope that he’ll be okay on the next episode…

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