Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. Episode #04

Well everyone, looks like Koushi Nagumo decided to let Sutea Koroya into the infamous Megami-ryou dormitory. Of course, Koushi shows his room first because it’s the tidiest one.

Oh yeah, here’s Atena Saotome where she’s impressed on how tidy his room is. C’mon, Nagumo doesn’t have lots of stuff since all of his belongings were burned anyway.

Unfortunately, Sutea is getting a bit angry over Atena-san as she doesn’t want any older woman getting closer to Koushi-kun. As expected from this tsundere childhood friend.

Oh yeah, here’s Mineru Wachi’s room where it’s actually a disaster inside. It’s no wonder why Megami-ryou had a bad reputation due to Mineru breaking safety protocols.

Now then, let’s move onto Frey’s room where she wants to dress Sutea up. C’mon, her costume is already finished!

Of course, Frey will have to strip Sutea Koroya down. Okay, looks like this cosplayer is committing a serious crime here!

Fortunately, Atena Saotome bonk Frey from stripping Sutea further. Man, I have a feeling that Koushi’s childhood friend will shut this dorm down.

Speaking of Koushi Nagumo, he’s just chilling at the hot springs as he’s tired for today. Let’s hope that nothing bad will happen to him.

Oh never mind, seems that Nagumo will be caught in an accident when he bump onto Kiriya Senshou. I think this dormitory should have an “occupied” signboard.

In any case, looks like Atena Saotome and Sutea Koroya saw the most humiliating thing inside Megami-ryou as Koushi Nagumo is on top of Kiriya Senshou.

While the private parts are covered-up by steam (except Kiriya’s boobies), it looks like this show is getting more lewder.

Now let’s move onto the next scene where Koushi Nagumo went to a women’s university to bring lunchboxes to both Atena Saotome and Kiriya Senshou.

Of course, Koushi has to dress up as a girl ’cause no male outsiders are allowed inside. But then again, he looks so cute wearing girly clothes!

Unfortunately, Koushi’s disguise failed as various ladies are chasing him. Good thing Atena managed to grab him even though she’s holding her nose back.

However, it looks like Saotome got caught in an accident where she bump onto Kiriya Senshou. Man, this is deja vu right here!

Fortunately, both girls got some extra clothes to wear, although Atena’s getup is a bit tight around the chest area.

Oh yeah, here’s Kiriya Senshou where she finally finished wearing her spare clothes, but it appears that Kiriya and Koushi are worried that the buttons on Atena’s qipao are about to burst. Senshou should have gave her some loose clothes instead.

But anyways, let’s end this episode where Koushi Nagumo got knocked out by Atena’s flying buttons. I hope this little kid will be okay on the next episode!

As for Sutea Koroya, it looks like she won’t destroy the notorious Megami-ryou dormitory for the time being ’cause it would be bad if Koushi got homeless again.

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