Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. Episode #05

On this episode, Koushi Nagumo went to Serene Hozumi’s room to wake her up.

Except that Serene’s room is so filthy that Koushi-kun doesn’t know where she is.

Speaking of Serene Hozumi, there she is as Serene explained to Koushi-kun that the reason why her room is filthy is because she collects stuff that has lunar energy or something.

Come to think of it, I wonder if Serene is actually an alien who came from the moon as she has that mysterious aura?

Meanwhile, looks like Atena Saotome gave something special to Serene Hozumi. Well, it’s actually an umbrella but there’s something special about it.

You see, once Serene open the umbrella, it revealed a starry sky underneath. I guess this counts towards her collection of celestial things, but I wish Serene would clean her room.

Now let’s move onto the next scene as the tenants of Megami-ryou went to the mountains for a nice hot springs vacation, although it looks like Kiriya Senshou tries to seduce Koushi Nagumo.

Not on Sutea Koroya’s watch however as she’ll protect Koushi’s cherry from those ravenous college girls. And what will she use to punish the likes of Kiriya?

Well, her twintails of course! Man, I can’t believe that Sutea’s hair has gone sentient and deadly.

Anyways, it’s time for some fanservice courtesy of Atena Saotome. C’mon, they’re currently on vacation after all so enjoy the nice view of bare breasts!

Oh and it’s not just Saotome, but the rest of the tenants plus Koroya are here to show off their tits… to the viewers! Man, I wish Koushi would peek them for a bit.

Speaking of Koushi Nagumo, he’s having trouble sleeping as Koushi-kun got crushed by one of Kiriya’s legs.

Come to think of it, his expression is similar to those “This is fine.” meme, although Koushi is not really fine actually.

Meanwhile, looks like Atena Saotome went outside but I don’t why she got out of bed? Oh I smell something fishy going on here…

With that said, Koushi Nagumo went outside together with Mineru Wachi as they try to find Atena somewhere within this hot springs inn.

Of course, it would be nice if they brought some flashlight as it’s getting a bit dark inside.

Oh and the inn is getting a bit bigger in which Koushi-kun might get separated from Mineru-san. Then again, it’s just his imagination as the inn is not that huge.

Unfortunately for Nagumo, looks like he was taken away by some ghost who has pink hair.

Said pink haired ghost happened to be Atena Saotome where she took Koushi to a storage room.

On the other hand, shouldn’t Atena-san break hives soon as she still has androphobia? I mean, she’s in a difficult position right now.

Unfortunately for Saotome, Wachi has arrived to ruin her day as Mineru-san caught her red-handed. Well, she prevented Atena from taking Koushi’s cherry.

Speaking of Atena, looks like she got a hold of herself, but a bunch of futon mattresses fell down towards Saotome. That’s what she get for seducing a young boy even though Atena might lose a pint of blood.

One more thing, here’s Serene Hozumi where she’s using her starry sky umbrella inside the inn. Man, I’m really puzzled towards Serene as there’s no indication if she’s an alien or not.

But that’s about it for this episode as their summer vacation continues. This time, the tenants of Megami-ryou will go to the beach and there will be hijinks there. I’ll see you next time!

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