Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. Episode #06

Here’s the continuation of their summer vacation where the tenants of Megami-ryou went to the beach. Man, these college girls sure have nice large tits.

Then again, Sutea Koroya is really jealous that her breasts couldn’t compete with the likes of Mineru Wachi, Frey, or even Atena Saotome.

Meanwhile, here’s Koushi Nagumo where he’s acting like a lifeguard, yet everyone sees him as a pervert because Koushi-kun is using his binoculars to see the tenants. Just the tenants of Megami-ryou.

Now then, looks like Sutea Koroya is in trouble where a small fish went inside her crotch and she’s about to get drowned.

While Koushi Nagumo tries to rescue his childhood friend, little did they know is that he doesn’t know how to swim.

With that said, it’s time for Kiriya Senshou to save the day as she rescued Sutea Koroya from being drowned. Oh yeah, as for the fish who went inside Sutea’s crotch? It’s gone!

Still, Koushi should have learned how to swim so he can become the coolest guy towards his childhood friend.

Speaking of Koushi Nagumo, looks like he saw Atena Saotome getting hit by two dudes. It’ll be bad if Atena-san passed out if either these guys touches her.

Of course, there’s the fact that Nagumo can’t forget that event when Saotome took him to an empty room in the previous episode.

But you know what, I don’t want Koushi getting cucked by two random dudes as he took Atena away to safety.

But that’s the end of their summer vacation and while they feel refreshed, Nagumo can’t keep out of his mind regarding Saotome.

For now, Koushi Nagumo got invited by Frey to a cosplay café. Oh boy, I bet that she’s gonna dress him up again as a girl.

Except that Frey decides to play as a female knight where she fights against Nagumo in a sword duel.

And the reason why Frey fights Koushi-kun is because she wants him to share what he truly feels. C’mon, Nagumo can’t store his pent-up worries for a long time.

With that said, looks like Koushi Nagumo got better thanks to Frey’s cosplay therapy. Of course, let’s not forget that Atena Saotome can still break hives due to androphobia so I’m hoping that Koushi-kun can help her on overcoming it.

Anyways, see you next time and one last thing, have you noticed a poster behind Koushi-kun? Well, it’s not like the main cast is cosplaying as their own characters.

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