Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. Episode #07

Let’s start this episode with Frey as she’s wearing a waitress costume straight from the now-defunct restaurant chain Anna Miller’s.

Oh yeah, here’s both Sutea Koroya and Koushi Nagumo where they’re shocked to see Frey’s lewd outfit. By the way, the women’s university is holding a school festival so everyone can attend.

But let’s start with Mineru Wachi where she’s selling vials of tonics, all of them have questionable side-effects.

Um Mineru-san, are you sure that you have permission to sell your medicine to visitors?

Unfortunately, looks like the jig is up for Mineru Wachi as the disciplinary committee has arrived to arrest her. C’mon, it’s illegal to sell dubious medicine.

In any case, Mineru runs away along with her bag full of medicine. Then again, I have a bad feeling that Wachi might spread her concoctions across the campus.

And it turns out, I was right as the entire university got really horny. I suspect that Mineru Wachi throw the potions’ contents across the campus.

Anyways, this is getting lewd inside the university, although things will get worse for Koushi Nagumo and his friends if this continues.

And speaking of Koushi-kun, Frey puts a wig on his head. Oh boy, looks like the ladies are about to assault Nagumo again, especially when he looks like a girl.

But yeah, Koushi Nagumo and Sutea Koroya are in danger of being defiled forever by these ravenous women. Man, somebody save them!

Well, that’s until a certain Serene Hozumi used her lunar powers to clear off the aphrodisiac across the campus, although I think that it’s a bit overkill.

Oh and not to mention that Hozumi got really tired after using the laser. I guess she’ll have to find some lunar things to recharge her energy.

Seriously though, Serena Hozumi remains a mystery as there’s no confirmation on whether she’s really an alien from the moon.

Meanwhile, here’s Atena Saotome where she’s dressed up as a maid and ready to serve customers. C’mon, she’s really fired up like a certain Tsunayoshi Sawada.

Except that Atena’s fiery determination was quickly diminished when she tripped over Koushi Nagumo. Wow, Saotome is really a klutz!

Oh yeah, looks like Koushi-kun and Atena went to a haunted house together with Kiriya Senshou. Then again, looks like Saotome is not scared of ghosts despite having androphobia.

Unfortunately for Nagumo, it appears that he got tripped and drag both Senshou and Saotome down. Man, they should have brought some flashlights ’cause it’s really dark!

But yeah, enjoy some sweet fanservice where Koushi-kun accidentally grope Atena and Kiriya’s tits. Lucky boy!

Oh and one more thing, looks like Sutea Koroya became a tsundere maid as she punishes this customer like a sadist. Bless this girl!

But that’s the end of this episode as we’re getting closer to the end of this fanservice-laden show.

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