Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. Episode #10

Well, this is not how to start the final episode as Koushi Nagumo collapsed while on a supermarket errand with Kiriya Senshou. That poor kid, he worked too hard as the dorm mother of Megami-ryou.

Anyways, Kiriya took Koushi-kun to the dormitory where it turns out that he has the most dreadful disease of all… The common cold!

Of course, the likes of Frey couldn’t help it but worry that their dorm mother is really sick.

Except that Frey smothered Koushi’s face with her soft and plumpy tits. But hey, at least he’s alive.

Still, Koushi Nagumo needs his temperature checked as his body is still hot, meaning that his cold will get worse.

Luckily, Sutea Koroya is here to check her childhood friend’s temperature by placing his forehead.

Except that Sutea-chan is getting a little bit hotter as she got really close to Koushi-kun. She should have give him a thermometer instead.

Meanwhile, here’s Kiriya Senshou where she’s gonna give a glass of juice to Koushi-kun. Then again, I’m not sure if it’s edible ’cause the color is really bad.

But it gets worse when Kiriya accidentally drops the glass and while Atena Saotome tries to get it, I think it’s gonna lead into a bigger accident.

Anyways, looks like Atena Saotome failed to get Kiriya’s dubious concoction. It would be bad if it’s spilled on Koushi-kun and have his skin melted off.

Of course, the real problem lies with Atena as her shirt got pulled by Koushi-kun. On the other hand, is she trying to let the dorm mother suckle her tits?

But yeah, looks like Atena Saotome was shocked that her breasts are showing again. Also, she needs to eat foods with lots of lycopene.

As for Koushi Nagumo, he’s still sick unfortunately as it’ll take a long time to recover.

But don’t worry though as Frey and Serene Hozumi are gonna give him a nice oil massage. Come to think of it, I think Koushi Nagumo will have to skip the massage then.

Unfortunately, it’s too late now as Koushi-kun is being smothered by both Frey and Serene’s oily bodies. It’s getting hot inside the bathroom, especially down there!

Meanwhile, we have Kiriya Senshou where she tries to wash Koushi’s clothes, but decided to smell them instead. Oh what a naughty girl!

Then again, it appears that she got so flustered that Kiriya accidentally shredded Koushi’s clothes.

Honestly, I think she should control her strength, but she haven’t learn a damn thing ever since she created a hole in her room.

On the other hand, seems that Koushi Nagumo can move freely thanks to Kiriya Senshou’s accident, although he’s somewhat feeling the chill even more.

Yeah, I have a feeling that his cold is getting worse thanks to the tenants and their shenanigans.

And speaking of the tenants, looks like Mineru Wachi and Atena Saotome are helping or should I say fighting over which tenant should cook a bowl of rice porridge.

Sadly, it appears that Mineru accidentally dropped her special sauce onto the pot. I bet that her sauce might contain hazardous materials.

In any case, looks like Megami-ryou had another freak accident and while nobody got hurt, I bet some of you are getting horny upon seeing Mineru and Atena’s slightly-naked body!

Unfortunately, Koushi’s cold got even worse that he needs to get lots of bed rest. He should have stayed in his futon for a long time.

Good thing Atena managed to take care of Koushi-kun as a repayment for the trouble she have caused earlier. C’mon, she doesn’t want to be a burden towards the dorm mother.

But after a good night sleep, looks like Koushi Nagumo recovered from the dreaded cold, although the dorm mother will be surprised that someone is sleeping beside him.

That’s right, it’s Atena Saotome where she’s still sleeping after taking care of Koushi-kun. I’m glad that she chose to stay rather than run away due to her androphobia.

One last thing, looks like Atena wants to give something to the dorm mother for the service he made in Megami-ryou. Well, he’s not gonna leave the dorm by the way since Koushi-kun doesn’t have a place to stay yet.

But here’s Saotome’s gift to Nagumo which turned out to be a pair of handmade mittens, a perfect gift for Koushi-kun since I don’t want his hands getting numb due to the winter cold.

But that’s the end of Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. All I can say is that they lived happily ever after, although the tenants are still causing trouble from time to time!

Of course, aside from the having bare tits and asses, the show it’s not terrible. C’mon, it’s not like a fanservice-laden show has a serious plot to begin with. Then again, I’m still puzzled on how Mineru Wachi got those state-of-the-art equipment to her room, or why Serene Hozumi is not confirmed to be an alien from the moon. I guess I’ll never know for sure…

Well then, it’s time to say goodbye to Koushi Nagumo and the tenants of Megami-ryou! Let’s hope that he can stay at the dorm for a long time.

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  1. Mask Rider Roy says:

    Here’s hoping that studio Asread would consider doing season 2, as the anime is good, and that at the moment the manga has 45 chapters, hence there’s enough source material to use in adapting chapters 18 and onwards.

    The episode review you made is good and entertaining.

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