Bokutachi no Remake! Episode #12

Oh look what we have here, seems that Maki-chan shows an art illustration to her daddy. That’s right, it’s Aki Shino’s character art where Kyouya Hashiba’s is really surprised that his wife can still draw.

Then again, Aki felt embarrassed that it’s been a long time drawing a character. I guess it has something to do about Ayaka Minori but then again, Aki still doesn’t have that creative drive which saddens Kyouya.

But speaking of Kyouya Hashiba, looks like he’s determined to fix the past as he say his final farewell to his family. Kinda heartbreaking that he’ll be separated with his family in order to save the future of the Platinum Generation.

In any case, it’s time for Kyouya to return to 2006 as he’ll meet up with Keiko Morioka ’cause she knows how to turn back the clock.

Speaking of Keiko Morioka, she’s surprised that Hashiba didn’t cheat his way to save his career as Kyouya used his own strength to solve problems, as well as being considerate to the Platinum Generation. Then again, I’m not sure how Keiko came to his life in the first place since she knows what Kyouya went through on his previous life.

Of course, Kyouya made the mistake of solving everything that the likes of Shino, Nanako, and Tsurayuki rely on him, ending the Platinum Generation’s future. With that said, it’s time for Hashiba to return to the past and atone for his mistakes by creating a bright future for himself and his friends at Share House Kitayama.

Anyways, we’re back to 2006 where the first thing Kyouya Hashiba needs to do is to make Nanako Kogure into an independent creator, starting by letting her perform the theme song of a visual novel.

While it’s nice that Kyouya is helping Nanako to become a famous singer someday (taking the stage name N@NA once she hits big), he’s still worried about Aki Shino’s lack of drive to draw illustrations.

Fortunately, he found some salvation where Hashiba met a certain girl from the art course.

Said girl happened to be Minori Saikawa where she’ll become the famous illustrator named Ayaka Minori.

For Kyouya Hashiba, meeting Minori is a blessing as she might help Aki Shino’s creative burnout. After all, Saikawa is inspired by Shino Akishima’s illustrations upon playing HaruSora.

And speaking of Aki, while she’s still drawing stuff in her computer, Kyouya Hashiba is hoping that he can save Shino’s career.

With that said, looks like Kyouya’s third chance in life will begin, although I’m not sure if he’ll marry Aki or Nanako in the future. Now then, are we missing someone?

Oh right, I forgot about Tsurayuki Rokuonji where Kyouya Hashiba finally caught up with him. Sadly, Bokutachi no Remake ends here on this cliffhanger. Man, I wish there’s another season for this show!

Still, I really love watching this anime series as I’m pretty much relatable to Kyouya Hashiba, especially when he tries to correct his mistakes from his previous life. Not only that, but I found it enjoyable that the tenants of Share House Kitayama and Eiko Kawasegawa are grounded and have likable personalities, although I feel bummed that Keiko Morioka remained a mysterious character.

With that said, I love watching Bokutachi no Remake and while I really want Season 2 to happen in the future, I wish feel. and Kadokawa will adapt the spin-off novels. With that said, good luck to Kyouya’s third chance in life!

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