Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine Episode #13

It’s been more than 2 years since the TV anime adaptation of Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine was shown back in 2019. Based on a mobile game, it follows the story of Satogahama High School’s girls’ baseball club where they’re making a splash by winning against both Kogetsu and Seijo High School.

Then again, it’s not enough to win the entire national tournament and thus Satogahama is recruiting new members in hopes on winning. But you know what, I wish TMS Entertainment would make a second season instead of this special episode that promotes the mobile game.

Anyways, let’s start with the introduction of both Runa Kusakari and Yuzu Takanashi. Both girls played against each other back in middle school, although their background is way different.

You see, Runa is pretty much talented while Yuzu plays it for fun, although the latter is struggling to keep up with her teammates that Takanashi might quit baseball after middle school.

Speaking of Runa Kusakari, she plans to enroll to Kaio High School so she can play with her sister Rena. However, Rena told Runa to enroll to Satogahama High School as she wants her little sister to experience a different club environment, rather than letting Runa becoming a clone of herself.

Then again, Runa thinks that Satogahama is just an upstart high school, but let’s not forget that they managed to go toe-to-toe against two powerhouse schools.

Meanwhile, here’s Yuzu Takanashi where she was originally planning to enroll a Nishi High School and enjoy her life as a normal high school student, but that changed everything where Yuzu saw a video of Satogahama’s girls’ baseball club.

And so, we move onto the present where Runa and Yuzu are at the riverbank where Satogahama’s girls’ baseball club trained all day.

Of course, Runa Kusakari still believes that going to Satogahama is a waste of time as their baseball club is not that good, until Runa met Ryo Shinonome where she’s about to show that her club is not some upstart.

And by the way, here’s a new character introduced named Lin Lihua where she serves as the manager of the girls’ baseball club.

While it’s unfortunate that she didn’t try to become a baseball player, Lihua is an expert when it comes to sport science.

Anyways, looks like we’ll have a duel between Runa Kusakari and Ryo Shinonome where the former will try to hit the latter’s pitches.

If Kusakari wins, she’ll leave Satogahama High School. But if Shinonome wins, Runa has no other choice but to join the girls’ baseball club.

But seriously, this is very interesting to see a regular member taking on a prospect.

Then again, Ryo believes that Runa is emulating her sister Rena, therefore she might know a thing or two on dealing with the Kusakari sisters.

Anyways, here’s Ryo Shinonome throwing a faster curveball towards Runa Kusakari. Wait, did Ryo throw a sinker, a cutter, or a shuuto?

With that said, looks like Ryo Shinonome struck Runa Kusakari out, therefore this prospect player will have to join the club rather than transferring out of Satogahama High School.

Now it’s time for the ending where Satogahama High School’s girls’ baseball club is gaining new members like the battery duo of both Chiyo Sakurada and Sora Agatsuma.

Sadly, there’s not enough time to explore these two characters, but Chiyo and Sora are aiming to become the starting battery in the next baseball tournament.

Meanwhile, looks like Yuzu Takanashi has finally joined the girls’ baseball club where Lin Lihua is delighted to have Yuzu in the club.

I’m hoping that Takanashi will have fun playing baseball to her earnest, although she’s still worried that Runa Kusakari might not join the club.

Well, that’s until Tsubasa Arihara brought Runa Kusakari to the clubroom as having her to the baseball team would be a great addition.

Of course, I think Runa should play her own thing rather than being a clone of Rena.

As for Yuzu Takanashi, she’s happy that Runa will join Satogahama’s girls’ baseball club.

But that’s the end of this special episode of Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine. With 5 new characters introduced, it’s sucks that there’s no continuation of this anime series.

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