Shin no Nakama janai to Yuusha no Party o Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life Suru Koto ni Shimashita Episode #01

Meet Red, an ordinary guy who spends most of his time in Zoltan gathering medicinal herbs. While his life is somewhat boring, Red was once a member of the hero’s party where he goes by the name of Gideon.

Until this sage named Ares told him that he’s not a true comrade and therefore the party has no use for his service. Oh, and it gets worse when Ares told him to leave his equipment and leave the party at once.

Despite telling him to leave, Gideon or should I say Red doesn’t have any hard feelings because he can no longer catch up with the rest of the party. Rather than pondering his frustration over his expulsion, Red decides to have a slow life at the countryside.

Of course, Red doesn’t want to laze all day ’cause he use his skills to navigate dangerous forests and gather herbs as much as possible. Yes, he’s dedicated even if the forest is actually set on fire by some irresponsible magician.

Not only that, but despite not having the best equipment, Red can still fight against tough monsters with only a bronze sword.

Still, I wonder why would he gather herbs during a forest fire?

Well, Red is saving a child named Tanta from a nasty fever which it’ll make him blind if not treated in time.

I’m really impressed by Red’s heroic deed as even though he’s no longer in the hero’s party, he’s really a hero in my book!

A few years later, Red founded an apothecary where he can sell medicine to common folks. It’s all thanks to his friend Gonz for building him a store in Zoltan.

In any case, Red doesn’t care about seeking glory anymore as he’ll spend the rest of his life making medicines in Zoltan. Then again, it appears that his peaceful life might not last long.

You know what, I’m really curious on why Ares tries to boot Gideon (or Red) off the party? Was it really justified because Gideon can’t catch up with the rest of the party, or it appears that the sage is getting jealous.

Anyways, I’ll found out next time but for now, I’m happy that Red is chilling out in the countryside rather than risking his life fighting against the demon lord.

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