Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru Episode #05

Hey everyone, looks like the goddess will reincarnate another warrior into the fantasy world. This time, it’s a samurai where he’s committed on defeating the hero.

And speaking of the goddess, I’m amazed that she changes her clothes every time she encounters someone who died. Still, I wonder what happened to the samurai who got reincarnated into the fantasy world?

Oh, he just died. Well, I’m hoping that he’ll be reincarnated to a better place ’cause fighting the hero is hard.

Still, how many times will the goddess recruit every finest warrior in existence just to kill one hero? I guess I’ll never know for sure…

Now let’s move onto the present where Lugh Tuatha Dé is about to take his final test where he’ll try to outwit his father Cian.

Not only his father is skilled when it comes to assassinations, but Cian knows everything about Lugh as he examines his body thoroughly. C’mon, let’s not forget that he’s also a fine doctor too.

Unfortunately, Lugh got stabbed in the shoulder, meaning that it’s checkmate for Cian.

Except that Lugh managed to get his beta titanium knife closer to his father’s neck. Yup, Cian would be dead by now if Lugh moves his arm forward.

But that’s the end of the final test where Lugh successfully defeated his father. And with that, Lugh has become an assassin.

Now then, it’s time for Cian to show everyone that his son Lugh will become the next head of the House of Tuatha Dé. C’mon, he trained his son to be the finest nobleman that can heal and kill people.

Of course, some people don’t accept Lugh as the next head of the household as Ronah can’t believe that a scrawny kid would lead the household. Are you sure about that, Ronah?

Anyways, looks like Ronah is about to taste Lugh’s strength where the assassin broke Ronah’s left arm. Now if Lugh went too far, Ronah would be dead right now.

Yet, he’s still alive with a broken arm as Ronah is disappointed towards himself, especially when taking on an assassin like Lugh.

But speaking of Lugh, he has some use towards Ronah as the assassin wants him to become the knight that will protect the House of Tuatha Dé. Heck, he offered a beta titanium sword to Ronah.

Of course, I’m hoping that Ronah won’t betray Lugh ’cause the assassin won’t cut his arm, but rather his head.

Now then, let’s end this episode where Cian told Lugh that his first mission will involve sneaking inside a castle in Milteu and assassinate a corrupt noble. Of course, he must stay there for 2 years where Lugh will take the identity of Illig Balor.

As for Tarte, I’m worried about her ’cause she might undermine the mission when Tarte accidentally says his real name. Also, would it be better if Tarte took another name when travelling to Milteu?

Anyways, tune in next time where Lugh (or Illig) will conduct his first assassination mission. Of course, that’s one part of his journey on killing the hero in a few years time.

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