86 -Eighty Six- Episode #17

On this episode, we’ve witnessed the most brutal attack by the Legion as the Republic of San Magnolia is about to fall sooner or later.

For the Eighty-Six soldiers who are forced to fight by the Alban majority, they finally found poetic justice now that the white pigs are being slaughtered or even captured by the Legion.

Of course, there are a few people who continue to hold their ground such as Vladilena Milizé and Henrietta Penrose, although they should flee along with the surviving Eighty-Six soldiers as there’s no point on defending the Republic.

So, how did San Magnolia and various countries got decimated very quickly? Surely, the Legion made a superweapon that would destroy fortifications in long distances.

Well, turns out that there’s a superweapon developed codenamed Morpho, a large railgun where it can destroy targets at 400 kilometers.

Of course, the Morpho has a weakness where the barrel must be changed every 15 hours after the last shot, meaning that the superweapon can be destroyed during its maintenance.

However, the Legion is aware that the superweapon will be targeted, therefore the enemy will heightened its defenses and employ anti-air measures until Morpho’s barrel change is complete. Basically, it’s game over for humanity.

For both Crown Prince Zafar Idinarohk and Lt. General Bel Aegis, they’re really concerned that their respective countries, the United Kingdom of Roa Gracia and the Alliance of Wald, might suffer big losses when attempting to destroy the superweapon.

So, the only solution will be having a small team destroying Morpho while the large army will act as decoys. Then again, I wonder what happened to the Nordlicht Squadron since Kiriya Nouzen supposedly destroyed the base?

Meanwhile, here’s the Nordlicht Squadron where Shinei Nouzen and the rest have survived the attack. Then again, Shin and his fellow Eighty-Six soldiers won’t take another rest after cheating death from Kiriya’s bombardment.

Anyways, here’s Willem Ehrenfried where the chief of staff asked Shinei Nouzen to come to the commander’s office for an important mission. And really, Shin will play a key role as he has the ability to hear the Legion’s voice.

But speaking of Shin, looks like he received a letter from Nina Rantz where she blamed him from letting her brother Eugene die.

While it’s really unfortunate that Nina’s brother died since Shinei killed Eugene off, he doesn’t have a choice since Shin feared that Eugene’s brain might end up being used by the Legion. Still, I’m really sad that Nina will have to live without her brother around.

Now then, here’s Commander Richard Altner where he told Shinei Nouzen regarding the suicide mission involving the Morpho superweapon.

Basically, the commander is convinced that Shin can lead the assault against the superweapon simply because he can hear the Legion’s voice. Of course, Lt. Colonel Grethe Wenzel is not happy that he and his fellow Eighty-Sixers are being used for a suicidal mission.

Meanwhile, looks like Shinei is hearing the voice of his fallen comrades. Yes, they’re thrilled that San Magnolia has fallen, but they’re not surprised that Eighty-Sixers are being treated harshly whenever they go.

Still, they’re thankful towards Shinei Nouzen that they found their resting place, although I’m worried that the chances of their survival when taking on Morpho is close to 0%.

Regardless, Lt. Colonel Wenzel begged Shin to leave the military as soon as possible as she doesn’t want to see him and his fellow Eighty-Sixers being used and abused by the military.

As much as she took pity towards Shinei Nouzen, it’s up to him and his fellow Eighty-Sixers on how they want to live.

Of course, Shinei Nouzen got sick and tired of being treated with pity just because he and his fellow survivors got out of San Magnolia. In fact, they really want to live their own lives rather than having someone tell them what to do.

Seriously though, it’s really surprising to see Shin getting angry towards Lt. Colonel Wenzel, especially when he and his fellow Eighty-Sixers are being treated as monsters behind their backs.

As much as she took pity towards Shinei Nouzen, it’s up to him and his fellow Eighty-Sixers on how they want to live. While I want them to live a normal life, the chances of living peacefully once the Legion menace is over is pretty much slim.

One last thing, here’s San Magnolia where it became a ghost town after the Legion destroyed the Republic. Now the only thing that I’m worried about is whether Lena Milizé and her squadron survived the fall of Gran Mur.

Unfortunately, the next episode won’t be coming next week as 86 will return in Nov. 20 (or 21). Anyways, I wish the Nordlicht Squadron good luck as they prepare to destroy the Legion’s superweapon.

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