Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu. Episode #04

This is Shouko Komi where she’s participating in a physical examination.

But given that she can’t speak at all, Komi-san will have to use her fingers to point directions on which pattern she’s seeing at the eye test.

Also, here’s a new character named Makeru Yadano where she has a grudge towards Shouko Komi. C’mon, her name literally means “doesn’t want to lose”.

Then again, no matter how hard she tries to beat Komi-san, Yadano can’t beat the greatest girl in Itan Private High School.

Now then, let’s introduce another character, although you’ve probably seen this girl in Episode 2.

This is Ren Yamai and how should I put it when describing her? Well, kinda obsessive towards Komi-san.

Never mind, Yamai-san is borderline a psychopath when she’s fuckin’ obsessive towards Komi-san. C’mon, she’s eating one strand of Komi’s hair!

Oh, and she hates everyone who gets closer to Shouko Komi like everybody’s childhood friend Najimi Osana. Basically, Ren Yamai is the most dangerous yandere character ever.

Come to think of it, what happened to Hitohito Tadano? I haven’t seen him on this episode lately…

Oh, he’s inside a cabinet which belonged to a certain Yamai-san. Also, I forgot to mention that Tadano-kun is all tied up, meaning that Ren would go into greater lengths into taking her rivals down.

Anyways, here’s Yamai-san where she invites both Komi-san and Osana to her house, although Ren doesn’t want to invite Najimi at all.

With that said, I hope that Shouko Komi and Najimi Osana will notice that Hitohito Tadano is inside the cabinet.

Fortunately, Najimi managed to open the cabinet and rescue Hitohito from captivity. Let’s hope that Ren won’t see-

Oh wait, too late for that as she’s back with a remote control on hand. Is Yamai-san gonna knock them out with that?

Actually, she throws her remote control in favor of chopsticks of the sharp kind. All I can say is that both Osana and Tadano are screwed!

That’s until Shouko Komi set Hitohito Tadano free and told Ren Yamai (in writing of course) that she choose which person she can make friends with. C’mon, Komi-san is really disturbed on how Ren threatened Hitohito.

Anyways, it’s time for Shouko Komi to take her leave. While Ren Yamai tries to stop her, she can’t do that ’cause you know that Yamai might become the biggest enemy in Itan Private High School should she raise her hand against Komi-san.

Oh yeah, here’s Tadano-kun where he’ll go home safely. Come to think of it, are we missing someone?

Oh shit, I forgot about Najimi Osana where she’s in danger of being killed by the biggest yandere in Itan Private High School.

Looks like it’s time to pay Najimi’s respects then… or not. I don’t know if Osana might live to see another day.

Anyways, here’s Shouko Komi where she blamed herself for putting Hitohito Tadano in danger. Of course, Tadano-kun is okay that he wants to remain friends with Komi-san.

In any case, it’s reassuring that Tadano-kun’s friendship with Komi-san will remain as the latter needs to overcome her communication problems. After all, Tadano is one of those people who knows Komi’s problems.

One last thing, here’s Najimi Osana where I’m glad that she’s alive rather than being killed off by Ren Yamai.

Speaking of Yamai-san, it appears that she apologized for what happened yesterday as Ren understands Komi-san’s struggle to communicate.

Actually, forget the last part as Ren Yamai doesn’t understand Komi’s plight at all. Honestly, she should be in jail for kidnapping Tadano-kun!

But that’s about it for this episode where I have to say that this school is showing more weirdos in Itan Private High School.

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