Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru Episode #07

On this episode, the goddess is about to reincarnate the greatest rapper into the fantasy world. Okay, is she fuckin’ serious ’cause most of her selected people (except for the assassin) are no good?

But here’s the goddess where she’s dressed-up as a DJ. But seriously, this is getting silly at this point as the goddess sends various people to kill the hero, only to end up as failures.

Oh yeah, here’s the rapper where he’s reincarnated… into a mob character. Very disappointing if you ask me!

Now let’s return to Lugh Tuatha Dé or should I say Illig Balor where he’s showing a new (and revolutionary) cosmetic product to his adoptive parents. After all, he’s the son of a merchant so Illig must show that he can sell things.

Anyways, he creates a moisturizer which Illig used some secret ingredients from the House of Tuatha Dé. Still, did Illig’s new product work as intended?

Well, his adoptive mother likes it as her skin got rejuvenated, although she detested Illig for being a bastard son.

Now that he has a product for the Balor Trading Company, it’s time to sell it to the masses.

Anyways, Illig and his team set up a cosmetic shop in Milteu under the Orna brand. Not only that, but Illig recruited Maha’s friends as sales representatives.

With that said, looks like the moisturizer is a big hit in Milteu that even nobles wanted it. But that’s a good thing because Illig (or Lugh) wants to get closer to the nobles so he can assassinate them at any time.

However, there are some greedy merchants who wanted to get a hold of Illig’s moisturizer, although these spies are complete amateurs compared to Lugh and his team.

And speaking of Lugh’s team, both Tarte and Maha are quite competent when it comes to torturing spies who tries to hurt Lugh-sama.

While it’s expected that Tarte did her best as an assassin, but I’m really surprised that Maha learned the secrets of assassination in just a few days after being saved by Lugh.

Anyways, this spy is history as he not only loses his nails, but he might blurted out the mastermind behind the espionage. Then again, Lugh might take care of that at a later time.

One last thing, looks like Lugh Tuatha Dé visited Dia Viekone where they learn some new magic together. While it’s nice for him to visit his master, Lugh shouldn’t leave both Tarte and Maha by themselves.

And speaking of those two girls, looks like they want to have sex with him. Wait, they haven’t done it in bed?

Geez Lugh, you’re an assassin in your previous life and you should know how to please multiple women!

In any case, I’m gonna end this episode right here as Lugh or Illig must deal with his two assistants in bed. Oh yeah, and he must deal with corporate spies within Milteu thanks to his new moisturizer.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where Illig will continue his assassination activities in Milteu!

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