Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu. Episode #08

This is Shousuke Komi where he’s actually Shouko’s little brother. Still, I wonder if he still has some communication problems like his sister?

Anyways, the Komi family went to the countryside to see their relatives. While Shuuko and Ryouko are doing fine as they’re enthusiastic have a nice long chat to pass the time…

Here, you have both Sadayoshi and Masayoshi communicate through the minds. Pretend that they’re psychics ’cause Sadayoshi and Masayoshi don’t communicate much.

Oh yeah, I would like to introduce you to Akira Komi where she got startled by Shouko’s presence. Of course, she’s not that creepy because Shouko is just shy towards her cousin.

But speaking of Akira, she wants to play with Shouko in order to know her better. Well, I wish Akira-chan good luck on understanding Shouko’s mind.

Afterwards, it’s time for Shouko to talk to her grandmother, although it appears that Yuiko Komi is in good spirits in which she’s happy to see her granddaughter made friends.

Of course, Yuiko Komi is really strict when it comes to intimate relationships as she forbids Shouko to have a boyfriend.

Then again, Shouko Komi treats Hitohito Tadano as a friend and nothing more about it. C’mon, he’s just an ordinary boy after all!

Speaking of Tadano-kun, he’s waiting for someone as Hitohito is ready to enjoy the festivities, although I fear that no one would come to him since he’s plain looking.

That’s until Shouko Komi shows up in which she’s looking stunning in her yukata. Absolute perfection there!

Unfortunately, Komi-san is still an introvert where she forgot her notepad. Um Komi-san, I think you should use your cellphone to communicate with Tadano-kun… unless you left it at your house.

Come to think of it, how did Shouko Komi managed to appear at the festival?

Well, the truth is that Najimi Osana called Shouko Komi to visit the festival venue and meet up with Hitohito Tadano. All I can say is that Najimi is one magnificent childhood friend!

Then again, being everyone’s childhood friend is quite a nuisance as Najimi brought an army of her friends. I have no other words to describe how ridiculous Najimi’s presence is.

Also, here’s Ren Yamai and her imperial guard who are just passing through and met Komi-san by chance… or should I say stalk the hell out of her.

Speaking of Yamai-san, looks like she fainted upon seeing Komi’s gorgeous look in her yukata.

Man, I wish Yamai-san would stay knocked-out cold for the rest of the episode, but her yandere spirit kept Ren alive as she wants to get closer to Shouko Komi.

Now then, let’s move onto some cameo appearances such as Makeru Yadano where she wants to challenge Komi-san in another duel.

Unfortunately for Yadano-san, she lost again which begs the question on why she Makeru wants to be Komi-san badly where the truth is that Shouko is one perfect girl (sans communication skills)?

Also, here’s Omoharu Nakanaka where she uses a chant to gather all the goldfish and snatch them in one scoop, although her chuunibyou antics won’t work during the festival.

Heck, Omoharu managed to scare all of the goldfish as they went towards Shouko Komi. Poor Omoharu Nakanaka, she can’t make friends with animals.

One last thing, looks like Najimi Osana tries to push her luck and capture the grand prize by pulling one string.

Except that Najimi got a consolation prize instead. Gotta say that this game is pretty rigged!

And speaking of the owner, she’s doing a Jojo pose where she mock those patrons who think that they’re aiming for the grand prize, but they’re actually got fooled by getting tissues instead.

Sadly, that doesn’t affect Shouko Komi where she just pulled the grand prize without thinking about it. Congratulations to Komi-san for getting a game console!

Then again, she gave it to Najimi Osana where she really wanted to get a new game console in the first place.

But seriously, Komi-san is a phenom when it comes to winning high-stakes games, almost as if the goddess of fortune is beside her. Scratch that, Komi-san is actually the goddess of fortune!

Now then, it’s the final day of the summer vacation where Komi-san was invited by Najimi to help her homework, although I bet that she wants to copy Komi’s notes.

By the way, Najimi Osana is acting like she owns the apartment where the truth is that she’s just a visitor to the Tadano residence.

Oh yeah, looks like Komi-san isn’t the only visitor as Ren Yamai just tagged along, although I think shouldn’t follow Shouko Komi especially when she’s visiting Hitohito Tadano’s apartment. C’mon, she still has a grudge towards Tadano-kun after all!

By the way, I want to introduce you to Hitomi Tadano where much like Hitohito, she’s a normal girl.

Of course, Hitomi is really skeptical towards her brother, especially when he got another girl like Shouko Komi as his friend. Sorry Hitomi-chan, but it’s really complicated on how Komi-san and your brother became friends.

Anyways, looks like it’s time to finish their homework on the last day of summer vacation, although Najimi Osana is too tired to finish it on her own as she would rather copy someone’s notes.

Um Najimi-san, I know that you don’t want summer vacation to end, but copying someone’s notes is bad if you don’t know what you’re copying.

On the other hand, looks like Shouko Komi felt the same way too as she doesn’t want summer vacation to end in a flash. While it’s nice that she’s empathizing Najimi, let’s not forget that Komi-san already finished her homework.

Regardless, looks like they really had a nice summer vacation in which Tadano-kun and Yamai-san wants to treasure every moment…

…except for Najimi Osana in which the people’s childhood friends wants to have an endless summer vacation. Najimi-san, don’t ask Haruhi Suzumiya about it you’ll be stuck in an endless recursion of time.

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode as the new school term will arrive soon. I can’t wait to see new characters that wanted to make friends with Komi-san as I’ll see you next time!

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