Shin no Nakama janai to Yuusha no Party o Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life Suru Koto ni Shimashita Episode #08

Well look what we have here, seems that Red wants to make love with Rit now that they have a bigger bed. Hell yeah, we have a sex scene on this show!

Except that they got interrupted by Al where he went to the bathroom. Dammit, why does he have to ruin their sweet time?

By the way, this episode is kinda confusing ’cause there’s twists and turns during the course of this story, especially when it comes to the ongoing drug epidemic in Zoltan.

For now, here’s Rit where she takes care of those goons who distribute the illegal drug across Zoltan. As you can see, Rit is using the crimson-colored shotel in which she acts as a bait for those drug pushers.

Back at the apothecary, it seems that Al got captured by a certain guy who claimed to be part of Bighawk’s thieves’ guild.

But upon closer inspection, I was wrong ’cause Godwin is actually working for Bighawk as he’s here to capture Al for a nasty experiment.

And that’s forcing him to kill a criminal in front of everyone. Okay, why would someone forcing a child like Al commit murder?

Oh yeah, here’s the leader of the thieves’ guild named Bighawk where he brought Ademi to be executed. And speaking of Ademi, he admitted that he took drugs from Bighawk, meaning that this orc is the one who’s distributing the blessing-alteration drugs in the first place.

But seriously though, the fact that Bighawk is forcing Al to kill his friend is very cruel that someone should save them.

Anyways, Al is about to cut Ademi in half with a sword. C’mon, he has the Weapons Master blessing after all.

However, it looks like Al didn’t kill his best friend as he set Ademi free. But there’s a problem though…

You see, Ademi is still under the drug’s influence that he goes crazy whenever Ademi sees an axe.

And by the way, the drug is made from axe demons which is why most drug users are holding axes to grind and murder people. Yeah, that’s not good at all!

Unfortunately for Bighawk and his crew, it seems that this mysterious person managed to disarm Ademi by cutting his axe.

Oh, and this mysterious person knock Godwin out. Okay, now I’m curious on what this person is ’cause his swordsmanship is quite impeccable.

Well, turns out that it’s actually Red all along where he plans to rescue both Al and Ademi from the thieves’ guild.

Come to think of it, what happened to Rit as she’s currently dealing with those thieves who are distributing the drug? Then again, I think she already dealt those drug pushers earlier.

For now, it’s time for Red to make his escape along with Al and Ademi. Of course, Ademi is still under the drug’s influence unless there’s an antidote for it.

That’s until Red gave him an antidote that’ll remove the effects from the blessing-alteration drug. Sure that it tastes bitter, but Ademi won’t lose his sanity as the drug is flushed out from his body.

By the way, here’s Bui where it appears that he’s actually an acquaintance to Red, although I’m still puzzled on what happened to Danan as he was supposed to be with Bui and I still remember what he told Rit on the previous episode, saying that he doesn’t want Gideon to know that he’s in Zoltan.

Could it be that they go on their separate ways, or something terrible happened that force them to split? Given that Danan has a short fuse, I think they have a falling out when it comes to finding Gideon. However, it’s weird that Danan wanted to find Gideon, only to change his mind on the last second.

With that said, it’s really confusing on why Red knows Bui and what happened to Danan LeBeau as he’s supposed to be dealing with drug-pushing demons in Zoltan.

For now, it seems that Red will have to deal with Albert as he wants to challenge him in a duel.

Sure that Albert suspects that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Red, but why would Albert decides to take on Red where he’s supposed to protect the villagers?

Well, turns out that Albert was influenced by Bighawk where he wants the champion of Zoltan to join the Hero’s party.

On the other hand, looks like there’s a demon inside Bighawk. Don’t tell me that the leader of the thieves’ guild has made a deal with a demon in exchange for his soul?

Anyways, let’s turn our attention to Albert where he asks Red to join him on his quest to defeat the demon lord as part of the Hero’s party. Then again, Red doesn’t want to ’cause Ares already kicked him out for being weak!

Meanwhile, looks like the leader of the adventurers’ guild and the town guards are here to arrest both Bighawk and Albert for not only kidnapping Al and forcing him to kill Ademi, but also rallying up the villagers for an armed uprising.

Then again, Albert refused to surrender to the authorities as he wants to recruit Red and attain glory by defeating the demon lord.

Sadly for Albert, he’ll learn the most painful lesson from Red in which he’s about to lose his right hand with a bronze sword.

Well then, I have to say that Albert literally lost to a D-rank adventurer who has more experience than he is. C’mon, Red was once part of the Hero’s party after all.

But speaking of Red, he told Albert that being a hero doesn’t need to be strong as he should be content of being the champion of Zoltan.

Alas, Albert paid the price as he got arrested for attacking Red in addition of conspiring with Bighawk.

Now then, here’s Bui where he took Al and Ademi to the townsfolk and lift those kids up with his magic. Um Bui, there’s no need to use magic to lift them up.

But anyways, both Ademi and Al told everybody that became friends again. C’mon, Ademi learned his lesson not to be aggressive and not take illegal drugs to become stronger.

But yes, looks like everyone in Zoltan has finally calmed down as Ademi and Al have reconciled. Of course, the adventurer’s guild will have to deal with Bighawk as he’s the one who distributed illegal drugs in Zoltan.

Speaking of Bighawk, he’s confronted by Bui in which he revealed himself to a demon that was slain a few years ago: Shisandan.

Okay, how come Shisandan returned from the dead when both Red and Rit killed him before? Also, I’m worried about Red ’cause being friends with a demon like Shisandan is not good.

Anyways, it appears that Bighawk has decided to show its true form where he’s actually a demon named Belial. Man, his form maybe big but Belial doesn’t look intimidating in my opinion.

Of course, Belial doesn’t want to deal with Shisandan so he decides to run away. Seriously, what is Shisandan thinking now that his fellow demon escaped?

One final note before we go, it appears that Al has decided to put his Divine Blessing into good use and become an adventurer. Let’s hope that he’ll be a good and humble adventurer rather than turning into a glory-seeker like Albert.

Now then, let’s end this episode where Red and Rit had a lovely time at the bathtub. Man, I wish that they can finally do it now that Al has become an adventurer, but I’ll see you next time where Red and Rit’s slow life returns.

Well, it’s not the end yet as Albert somewhat joined the Hero’s party thanks to Belial’s help. Man, how did they managed to locate and travel to Ruti’s camp?

Then again, Ruti Ragnason has some doubts that Albert would be useful in defeating the demon lord, despite the fact that he made a pact with an actual demon.

Anyways, see ya on the next episode where I need more answers regarding this episode, especially Shisandan where he’s plotting something towards the hero!

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