Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu. Episode #09

Let’s introduce to one of the students from Itan Private High School. Meet Nokoko Inaka, a country bumpkin where she’s emulating Shouko Komi in order to fit in as a city girl.

Of course, the truth is that Komi-san is still nervous when it comes to ordering food from the cashier. Man, if only Hitohito Tadano is here to help her out.

In the end though, the cashier decided to recommend the best-selling subway sandwich to Komi-san in which she bought it for Najimi Osana.

For Inaka-san, seeing Komi-san with such grace has inspired her to become a city girl herself. Um Nokoko Inaka, Shouko Komi can’t communicate well.

Speaking of Komi-san, looks like she made a mistake of buying the wrong sandwich. Honestly, I think Najimi should go outside and buy her own food rather than ordering Komi-san to do it.

Now then, looks like Shouko Komi got invited to stay at Omoharu Nakanaka’s house where the chuunibyou girl will entertain her first guest.

However, the problem is that both Komi-san and Nakanaka-san can’t communicate well that it ends in complete silence. Looks like they need someone to break the ice.

Fortunately, Najimi Osana came to the rescue as she brought Hitohito Tadano along the ride for a game of Super Smash Swamp Pants Bros.

Yes, it’s Super Smash Bros. where the gimmick is that players must try to knock themselves out towards a muddy swamp. While Omoharu and Najimi are veterans to this platform fighter…

…Komi-san is a complete beginner where she struggles to control her character. I guess she doesn’t have a game console at home.

Fortunately, there’s Tadano-kun where this casual player helps Komi-san with the controls.

Then again, Komi-san end up pressing the wrong buttons in which she managed to throw mud at Najimi’s character.

This gives the opportunity for Omoharu to destroy her rival. Then again, if she suppose to take all of her opponents out, or it’s setup to be a 2v2 battle?

But that doesn’t matter for Nakanaka as she beat Osana in a game of Super Smash Swamp Pants Bros., although Omoharu is still an introvert in the end.

Meanwhile, here’s Najimi Osana where she offered Shouko Komi for a part-time job by giving out tissues to everybody. Um, I think it’s a bad idea for Komi-san since she can’t speak to strangers.

Yet despite all of this, it looks like Komi-san took the part-time job where she got her first customer.

Then again, this woman has an obsession for tissues where she get one for wiping out her sweat or sneezing it out. But hey, looks like Komi-san managed to serve a customer.

Eventually, other people noticed Komi-san’s presence that they form a line just to receive tissues from her. Also, how did Ren Yamai get here just to organize this large crowd?

You know what, I think Shouko Komi did well on her first part-time job as the tissues are sold out quickly thanks to her presence!

One last thing, looks like Komi-san wants Tadano-kun to call her by her first name. Considering that he calls everyone’s childhood friend as Najimi, Shouko wants to be called too.

And speaking of Najimi Osana, she has no problem calling Shouko Komi by her first name, so therefore it’s easy for Hitohito Tadana to do the same thing.

Except that he’s too shy to blurt it out. Oh and it’s not just because he doesn’t want to get crucified by normies, it’s just that it’s very embarrassing for him to call her as Shouko-san.

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode and while she’s trying her best to communicate, I think Najimi Osana shouldn’t boss Shouko Komi around or the royal guard might crucify her. Well then, I’ll see you next time!

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