Selection Project Episode #11

Well everyone, the finalists of the 7th Edition of Selection Project are here to perform at a nearby train station.

Except that 9-tie’s guerilla performance didn’t attract one potential fan. Well, they’re just starting after all!

Regardless, they still haven’t given up as Suzune Miyama and the rest are promoting their idol group by handing out flyers.

Sure that some people would recognize the likes of Nagisa Imau or even Uta Koizumi, but it’s not enough until they work hard to make 9-tie into the most popular idol group.

Meanwhile, I want to introduce you to both Karin Ono and Ayano Sakata, two finalists from the North Kanto block where they’re interested on what Suzune Miyama is up to… at first that is.

Of course, while Ayano has no grudge towards Suzu-chan and the rest, Karin felt disappointed that she wanted to compete in place of Suzune rather than seeing her disqualified along with 8 other contestants.

Um Karin, it’s not easy to eliminate someone in the final round given that all 9 contestants from Season 7 have become trusted companions, rather than bitter rivals as you may think.

Speaking of the Season 7 finalists, it appears that they’re having doubts on whether to continue or not. In fact, Uta Koizumi’s mother is pressuring her to succeed or she’ll have to quit being an idol if her endeavor fails.

Man, some people are really impatient when it comes to results ’cause it takes some time to build up a fanbase.

Oh yeah, here’s the CEO behind Selection Project as she continues to watch 9-tie’s progress along with her staff member such as Jun Oshiruko.

Speaking of Jun-chan, I wonder if he’s still gonna continue his schtick as Sumipanda?

Now then, it appears that 9-tie is gaining some traction when people noticed how great they are despite being kicked out of the competition.

As you can see, Rena Hananoi is being greeted by fans where they’re impressed by 9-tie’s performance.

Oh, and it’s not just some ordinary people, but also the likes of Karin Ono where she’s surprised on how they’re so talented even after they dropped out of the final round.

Meanwhile, here’s Seira Kurusu where called Suzune Miyama and told her that 9-tie’s dance performance is amazing. I guess Seira wants to support Suzu-chan given that she’s talented.

But that’s reassuring as 9-tie is becoming the talk of the town as the idol group is gaining some fans. Of course, they have to show them how amazing they are!

And now, it’s time for 9-tie’s guerilla performance at the train station where Suzune and the rest are greeted by both Karin Ono and Ayano Sakata.

For Karin, she forgives them for her bad remarks earlier as Karin Ono realized how amazing they are, even though she doesn’t want to tell Suzune and the rest directly as Karin acts like a tsundere.

Eventually, there’s a crowd outside the train station as 9-tie will perform the last song for their guerilla concernt, 9-tie’s original song “Itsuka kanau yume”.

And really, they really put their heart and soul on their original song as Suzune Miyama and the rest wanted to make everyone’s dreams come true, including their own.

By the way, I’m really impressed on how Dogakobo used traditional animation for the dance sequence rather than CGI. Kudos to the staff for making this scene!

And so, 9-tie’s guerilla performance was a success as everyone felt happy that Suzune Miyama and the rest showed how amazing they are despite being Selection Project finalists.

One last thing, here’s Jun Oshiruko where he’s impressed by 9-tie’s determination that he offered them a 2nd chance to return to Selection Project. This time, all 9 contestants must work together to earn lots of Cheerers in order to make their professional debut.

While it’s nice that Suzu-chan and the rest will return to the competition after showing their stuff during 9-tie’s guerilla concert, I’m hoping that their victory at the Selection Project will be in the bag.

Then again, there’s Suzune Miyama in which her heart is starting to fail. Don’t tell me that Suzune might die on the last 2 episodes, especially when she collapsed in the middle of 9-tie’s performance?

Man, I’m really scared on what’s gonna happen next time as I might see a tragic ending to Suzune’s idol dream!

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