Shin no Nakama janai to Yuusha no Party o Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life Suru Koto ni Shimashita Episode #11

Well everyone, here’s Ares and his party as they finally arrive in Zoltan where they’ll bring Ruti back and defeat the demon lord, although Ares is looking more deranged ever since the party went into disarray upon kicking Gideon out.

Meanwhile, it appears that a certain adventurer named Bui has some interest towards Ares. Okay Bui or Shisandan, what are you really trying to pull here?

Now then, let’s move onto Red or Gideon where it appears that Danan LeBeau managed to see him.

Wait, you told Rit before not to tell Gideon that you’re in Zoltan, right? Also, what the hell happened to your right arm?

Well, it’s a complicated story as Danan explained to Gideon that a certain demon named Shisandan bit off his right arm.

Wait a minute, are you telling me that Shisandan transformed into Danan LeBeau back in Episode 7? Man, the plot is getting thicker!

For now, the real Danan LeBeau and Gideon Ragnason will have to meet up with Ruti, Rit, and Tisse Garland as they felt that Ares Srowa might do something terrible.

Also, looks like Theodora Dephilo and Albert Leland are gonna follow both Red/Gideon and Danan but you know something, what happened to Ares anyway?

Oh, he went to the apothecary where he’s joined by Danan (or should I say Shisandan) as he’s currently finding Ruti Ragnason and drag her away in order to kill the demon lord.

Seriously Ares, you shouldn’t trash Red/Gideon’s shop like that just because you hate his guts over Ruti! As for Shisandan, he really played Ares’ heart by transforming into Danan.

Now then, looks like Red managed to catch-up with Rit and Tisse where he explained to them that the real Danan is in Zoltan and lost his arm to Shisandan.

And speaking of Rit, she’s shocked that Shisandan is still alive, not to mention that the demon transforms into Danan back then.

Now that Rit is pretty much alarmed that Shisandan is alive and kicking, looks like she’ll have to finish the demon once and for all. On the other hand, what happened to the real Danan?

Oh, he’s catching up with Red/Gideon, although Danan is being followed by Theodora and Albert. Anyways, let’s move onto the next scene, shall we?

And here’s Red where he finally arrived at the ruins to find both Ruti and Tisse. Let’s hope that these two girls are okay.

Oh yeah, here’s Godwin where he got dragged by both the hero and the assassin as Godwin plead Red to spare his life.

You know Godwin, Red won’t forgive you for creating drugs that alter a person’s blessing. Now then, let’s hope that Red can find his sister before Ares catch up to her.

Fortunately, Ruti managed to find her brother after getting lost in the ruins. Glad that she’s safe, but where’s Ruti’s companion?

Oh, looks like Tisse is here as well where she’s helping the hero on finding alternative ways to suppress the Hero’s Blessing, although the only clue they have is that Godwin told them about a nameless Blessing within Ruti.

Then again, I’m not sure how will they stop the Hero’s Blessing altogether. Are they gonna let Ruti drink Godwin’s drug? We’ll never know…

Anyways, it’s time for Ruti to go home along with Gideon but then again, they’ll have to deal with a certain sage who’s very angry towards the former guide.

Oh yeah, I’m talking about Ares where he’s at his peak of derangement as you can see from his face. Anyways, Ares wants Gideon dead as he’s a hindrance to his plans with the hero.

But seriously though, it’s a bad idea for Ares to attack Gideon when Ruti is with him. While Gideon/Red is still alive, expect some retaliation from the hero.

As you can see, Ares paid the price for his actions, although I wish Ruti would just aim for the heart as she really hates Ares for driving her brother away.

For now, it’s time for Ruti to take Gideon out of the ruins. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet as they still haven’t figure out on how to suppress Ruti’s blessing.

One last thing, it appears that a certain Bui approached Ares as the adventurer offered his assistance to the sage. Man, I have a bad feeling about this…

I mean, Bui/Shisandan is really mysterious as he uses his transformation magic to confuse and lure various people like Ares to work for him. I need to find out next time on what Shisandan is planning!

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