Shin no Nakama janai to Yuusha no Party o Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life Suru Koto ni Shimashita Episode #12

Well everyone, this is how Ares Srowa’s insanity began when he got infatuated towards Ruti Ragnason at first sight. He wanted to be the best sage for the hero, even as far as throwing everyone out so that Ares can claim Ruti to himself.

But let’s move onto the present where Danan LeBeau has arrived at the ruins to take on both Ares Srowa and Bui.

Of course, Danan sets his sights on Bui where he has a gut feeling that this mysterious adventurer is the guy who took his right arm. Yes, I’m talking about Shisandan.

And despite losing his trusty right arm, Danan can still kick ass using his left arm. Nothing slows this martial artist down despite losing an arm.

Of course, this led Bui to drop off his disguise and transform into the Asura demon Shisandan. Looks like he’s really serious on taking down Danan.

Then again, Danan LeBeau can still keep it up against Shisandan where he parries the demon’s attacks with only his left arm. Really impressive there from Danan!

Sadly, Danan’s run has cut short when Shisandan stabbed the martial artist by holding a broken blade with his foot. Can’t believe that this Asura demon would do anything to take his opponent down.

But there goes Danan LeBeau where the martial artist went down, although I feel that being stabbed by Shisandan won’t kill him outright.

Oh yeah, here’s Ares Srowa where he can only watch his former party member go down. Now then, it’s time for Ares to help Shisandan.

And speaking of Shisandan, looks like he’s using the crystal heart to open a secret room. Oh, I’m curious what’s beyond that door.

Turns out, this secret room contains the legendary Holy Demon Slayer sword that the first hero used to kill the demon lord, except that there’s more than one sword as Shisandan explains that these are the true swords called Sacred Avengers where they’re created by the Almighty One, with some help from an ancient civilization.

Oh by the way, there’s more to the hero as Shisandan told Ares that Ruti is actually a replica of the first hero created by the Almighty One. Okay, is Shisandan suppose to kill the hero since he’s working with the demon lord?

Well, it appears that Shisandan’s true motives have finally revealed where he wants Ruti to act as the true hero as the Almighty One dictates it, therefore the Asura demon wants Ares Srowa to give Ruti the Sacred Avengers so that her Hero’s Blessing will be enhanced.

Of course, this gives Ares the opportunity to kill Gideon once and for all as he’s the only person who’s holding Ruti back on fulfilling her duty, even though Ruti doesn’t want to play as the hero in the first place.

Meanwhile, it appears that Danan LeBeau’s wounds will be healed by Albert Leland where he offered the martial artist with a bottle of potion.

Oh yeah, there’s Theodora Dephilo where she’s just standing at the background. I wonder what she’s planning to do next?

Now let’s move onto Red/Gideon where he and Rit are taking on Shisandan. Of course, the Asura demon won’t lose this time to these two adventurers as Shisandan is tougher than ever.

Meanwhile, looks like Ruti tries to stop Ares as he’s already blinded by his own greed. Come to think of it, the sage can hold off the hero when it comes to magic.

Oh yeah, here’s Godwin where he’s just a bystander as he can’t do anything to defend himself, although Godwin is still disgusted towards Ares for being more evil than him.

Now let’s return to Rit where she’s tied up. Okay, is Shisandan casts a bind magic in order to force Red to choose which girl to save?

Well, it’s actually Theodora where she also wants to force Ruti into fulfilling her heroic duties. Of course, Ruti won’t yield to Theodora nor Ares as she wants to be a normal girl.

Meanwhile, here’s Red/Gideon where he tries to save Rit by slaying Theodora’s dragon, although the former princess of Loggervia is still tied up.

Of course, this gives Ares the opportunity to eliminate both Gideon and Rit by casting a powerful magic…

…and that’s by throwing a steel cube towards them. Then again, I really doubt that both Red and Rit are already dead.

But Ares’ actions made Ruti very angry that she destroyed Theodora’s breast armor easily. Truly a monster of a hero she is.

One more thing, here’s Tisse Garland where she tries to stop Ares Srowa. Also, I think Godwin should stay away if he wants to live ’cause he’s basically dead weight.

Speaking of Tisse, she’s blown away by Ares’ tornado, although the assassin is still alive since Tisse Garland wants to be with Ruti Ragnason.

Unfortunately, Tisse’s spirit was shattered when Ares squishes her pet spider. That was so freakin’ horrible from the sage!

Meanwhile, let’s return to Red and Rit where they’re actually alive, but both of them are inside an elevator as they’re gonna fall to their deaths.

That’s until Danan has arrived to perform his most powerful technique: Rising Dragon’s Roar! What does it do?

Well, Danan’s technique propelled both Gideon/Red and Rit to safety that Ares can’t believe that they’ve cheated death. But this is not the only bad news for Ares…

Turns out, Tisse’s pet spider is still alive where it ensnares the sage with its web string.

Man, I’m really impressed that Tisse’s pet spider is not only invincible, but it managed to catch Ares until he can’t move.

But this gives the opportunity for Red to strike his former ally down, even as far as cutting both Ares’ hands off cleanly. That’s poetic justice right there!

In any case, Ares Srowa is dead and I don’t feel any pity towards the sage given that he drove Gideon Ragnason off the party due to envy. Now, all that’s left is to defeat Shisandan.

Fortunately, Ruti is taking care of the Asura demon, although the hero doesn’t have her sword since Shisandan broke it in half.

At this point, it’s gonna be a long and painful fight between the hero and the demon.

Well, until Ruti picked one of the Sacred Avengers where she’ll finish Shisandan off, unaware that it’s all according to the demon’s plan.

Anyways, Shisandan is defeated where his head is cut-off by Ruti Ragnason. However, the Asura demon succeeded on letting the hero hold the legendary weapon, meaning that she can’t be stopped on defeating the demon lord.

And this is a problem where Ruti will eliminate everybody who gets in her way, including Tisse where she’s mortally-wounded by her companion. This is a bad situation where the Hero’s Blessing overpowers Ruti’s personality.

But seriously, I expect a long fight on the final episode where Gideon or Red must stop his sister as soon as possible. After all, he knows that Ruti doesn’t want to play as a hero anymore!

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