In the Land of Leadale Episode #02

This is Lytt, the youngest daughter of the inn owner where she’s waking Cayna up. Gotta say that she’s really cute!

Speaking of Cayna, looks like she’s having a nasty headache where the high elf drank too many alcohol after killing a horned bear in Episode 1. Oh, and the villagers turned that monster into bear meet where they feast until dawn.

Now then, looks like there’s someone who got attacked by a powerful monster and this person named Kenison is about to bite the dust soon.

Fortunately, Cayna will save Kenison’s life by casting a powerful healing spell that will heal his wounds while removing any poison from his body.

In any case, Kenison is finally saved from certain death. Not only that, but a certain person from the capital approached Cayna as he’s impressed by her magic.

Said person happened to be Elineh where he’s in charge of the supply caravan as he personally thanked Cayna for saving Kenison.

Now then, Cayna asked Elineh about a high elven priest named Skargo where it’s said that he’s in Felskeilo. Oh yeah, and Cayna told Elineh that Skargo is her adopted son.

So when Elineh heard that Skargo is Cayna’s son, he was shocked on how both of them are related to each other. But to be fair though, Cayna “adopted” Skargo using real money, back when the World of Leadale was just a game.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Skargo is not the only child that she has as Cayna has two more adopted children in Felskeilo. Looks like this high elven mage will have to go out and visit the capital.

So before she head out to Felskeilo, Cayna told Lytt that she’ll return someday once she finally found her family members.

Also, Cayna told Lytt that she’s the rumored Silver Ring Witch who lives at the silver tower, although the high elf mage wanted to keep it a secret to everybody.

One more thing, Cayna gave Lytt a star-shaped barrette as a memento where she promised that she’ll return someday. Well then, time to head to Felskeilo!

Now let’s begin her journey of reuniting her family members starting with Kartatz, where this dwarf became a shipbuilder in Felskeilo for a long time.

Of course, Cayna is really happy to see her son after being separated for 200 years.

Then again, everyone is looking surprised to see a familial bond between a mother and a son, although Kartatz is really embarrassed that he’s being patted by Cayna in public.

After reuniting with Kartatz, it’s time to head to the adventurers’ guild where Cayna will have to register and take some jobs.

Even though she’s pretty strong, the guild won’t recognize Cayna’s efforts since she’s not an official adventurer.

Now then, her first job as an official adventurer is giving a high-quality potion to some researcher, and good thing Cayna has a spare potion where she gave to the receptionist for verification.

Anyways, looks like Cayna’s first job is complete where I’m sure that her high-quality potion will end up in the right hands.

Meanwhile, Cayna met two adventurers named Agaido and Lonti Arbalest where they need her assistance to find a red-haired boy who got lost in the capital.

Unfortunately, this red-haired boy is kinda adventurous where he tries to catch a kitten, only to fall off from the clothesline.

Luckily, Cayna casts Float to safely levitate the boy towards the ground. And by the way, this boy is actually a very important person from some rich family, although Agaido and Lonti are clearly denying that he came from royalty.

Sadly for Lonti, looks like this boy, which will be called Primo from now on, doesn’t want to go home just yet as he gave the kitten to Lonti. Looks like Cayna will have to capture him.

And as you can see right here, Cayna just defied gravity and run sideways to catch Primo. Really amazing to see how crazy she can pull when getting the job done.

Anyways, Primo is finally captured as both Lonti and Agaido will take him home. Then again, I still don’t know if that boy is actually a prince or something else.

Of course, Agaido doesn’t want to leave Cayna empty-handed as he paid a large sum of gold coins to her for capturing Primo. I hope that she won’t spend her earned cash for liquor.

Speaking of Primo, I think Cayna will see that red-haired boy someday as he’s more than just a troublemaker.

One last thing, here’s Skargo where the elven priest is shocked that Cayna is already in Felskeilo. I guess Skargo is really frustrated that he didn’t get to see his mother.

Oh and it’s not just Skargo, but Mai-Mai is really frustrated that she didn’t get to see Cayna upon arriving in Felskeilo.

Fortunately, it appears that Mai-Mai might have an opportunity to see her mother again upon getting a certain item.

Said item happened to be the high-quality potion in which Mai-Mai’s husband managed to get it from Cayna via a quest that was posted at the adventurers’ guild. Can’t believe that Mai-Mai got Cayna’s potion which is why she’s really excited to see her mother again.

But that’s about it for this episode where Cayna will have a big family reunion next time. Let’s hope that nothing bad will happen during the reunion…

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