Slow Loop Episode #02

On this episode, looks like the step-sisters went to a fly-fishing specialty shop which is owned by the Yoshinaga family. Well, looks like Koharu is very interested in Hiyori’s hobby.

Anyways, this shop has everything from rods to lures. Of course, Koharu Minagi needs to have some cash to buy stuff from this specialty shop ’cause fly-fishing is somewhat expensive (unless you sell your freshly-catch fish for profit).

By the way, here’s Koi Yoshinaga where she’s actually Hiyori’s childhood friend. Also, I want to point out that her name Koi means “love”, not the Koi fish.

And speaking of Koi-chan, she really hates her father for being a fanatical angler. One time, her father is too busy catching a giant koi fish that he almost missed the birth of his daughter.

But yes, Koi Yoshinaga is really angry when it comes to her father’s hobby, although the good thing is that Mr. Yoshinaga didn’t completely abandon his own family to pursue his dream of catching large fish.

After a visit to the fly-fishing specialty shop, it’s time for Hiyori to take Koharu to the lighthouse where they can see the perfect view of the entire town.

By the way, Hiyori’s late father Shinya used to take her to the lighthouse back in the day, so I’m really surprised that Hiyori is carrying her late father’s legacy.

One more thing, looks like Hiyori bought a lure set for Koharu as she’s ready to take on the hobby of fly-fishing. Now all she needs is a fishing rod.

Now then, the weekend has finally arrived where Hiyori and Koharu went to the lake for some fly-fishing.

Oh, and they didn’t go by themselves as Koi and her father went along the ride, although Koi wants to stay under the shade as she hates the sun.

Oh yes, here’s Koi’s father Ryouta where he’ll be the chauffer for this weekend’s fishing activity at the lake, although Ryouta-san is really eager to catch a lot of fish today ’cause he’s really addicted to fishing.

Anyways, here’s Koharu where she’s ready to do some fly-fishing. C’mon, she has her rod and lure set ready to catch some fish.

Unfortunately, her first day of fly-fishing is off to a bad start where Koharu didn’t catch anything. Of course, she’s just starting out as I’m hoping that Koharu can catch fish on her own.

But that’s about it for this episode and man, it’s really cute to see Koharu Minagi trying her best to catch some fish. Oh yeah, it’s nice to see the debut of Koi Yoshinaga as she’s a good friend to Hiyori Minagi.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where I’m hoping that Koharu will do her best when it comes to fly-fishing!

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