Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku Episode #02

This is Miki Fukumoto, an idol who got very famous because of this TV commercial, wearing the iconic sailor uniform from Roubai Academy.

So when Komichi Akebi managed to saw Miki Fukumoto, she really wanted to wear her uniform once Akebi-chan enrolled to Roubai Academy.

Anyways, it’s time for Akebi-chan to make a big first impression by showing her flexibility. Oh yeah, everyone is shocked that they’ll see her panties.

But here’s Komichi Akebi doing a handstand in front of her classmates. Honestly, I really wish that she’ll join the gymnastics club someday as Akebi-chan has a flexible body.

And by the way, this is the first time that Akebi-chan has classmates.

You see, Komichi Akebi studies alone back in elementary school where she’s the only student around. It’s a sad reality where the population is in decline and most of the people live in cities instead of rural towns.

Now then, it’s lunch break where Akebi-chan wants to meet her classmates up-close. While she already met Erika Kizaki before, Komichi Akebi wants to meet the rest of her classmates starting with Tomono Kojou.

Anyways, Akebi-chan offered her handkerchief to Kojou where she clean her glasses as she left her case back home. Really glad that Komichi is being considerate to her classmates.

Next up is Touko Usagihara where she asked Komichi Akebi to emulate her idol Miki Fukumoto, especially when she put her lip balm. Um Touko, I think she’s too embarrassed to copy her favorite idol.

Still, Akebi-chan did it anyway where most of the her classmates are astonished that she looked like a model upon putting her lip balm. Man, I have to say that Komichi Akebi made a spectacular impression on her first day of school.

And so, Komichi Akebi had a fun time where she’s looking forward for tomorrow. Heck, I bet that she’ll attain lots of friends soon enough.

One last thing, looks like her father Sato has arrived where he’s looking forward to see his daughter in her school uniform. Just hoping that he can catch up in the morning.

But that’s about it for this episode and man, looks like Komichi Akebi is having a great time in Roubai Academy. Of course, I’m hoping that there’s no one who’s antagonizing her.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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  1. momomanamu says:

    At first I thought this series might be a little boring, but I was happily surprised that it’s actually a really fun and charming anime. I thought the first episode was adorable! I really liked that the mom was so supportive and even made Ekebi’s uniform for her! So cute!

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