In the Land of Leadale Episode #03

Oh boy, looks like Cayna had another case of hangover after partying all night at an inn somewhere in Felskeilo. Honestly, I think she should say no every time someone offered her a drink.

By the way, Cayna is joined by Key who manages everything from inventory to reminding her about the quests that she take. Now then, it’s time for Cayna to meet her adopted kids.

And what great timing she has as Cayna was joined by Lonti Arbalest where she explained that the headmaster wants to personally see the high elf mage or should I say the Silver Ring Witch.

Oh yeah, said headmaster happened to be Mai-Mai where she’s really happy to see her mother for a long time, although Cayna is not too happy of being glomped by her adopted daughter.

Meanwhile, looks like Lonti is shocked that the headmaster is Cayna’s daughter. Of course, I can’t wait to see Mai-Mai’s husband in which he’ll be surprised to see Cayna in person.

Well, not really as Mai-Mai’s husband Lopus Harvey explained to Cayna regarding the high-quality or artifact-class potion that she sent in the previous episode.

In fact, he was impressed by her potion that Lopus wanted Cayna to teach it to his students since no one was making this kind of potion in this day and age.

Anyways, here’s Cayna where she quickly showed how to make potions, refused to elaborate further, and leaves the podium. Um Cayna, that’s not how you teach those students on making artifact-class potions.

But everyone, including Lopus Harvey, is so stunned that Cayna creates an artifact-class potion in a jiffy without explaining on how she did it.

Of course, you have Mai-Mai where she’s still impressed on Cayna’s potion creation where the high elf mage made one in less than a minute, not to mention that it’s made in high-quality.

In any case, Cayna finally found both Kartatz and Mai-Mai in Felskeilo, meaning that Skargo is the only one left.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Cayna took a ghost-busting quest at the colosseum.

But first, she needs to summon her magic sword called Eternal Flame in which Cayna will slay the ghost in a single strike.

Oh yeah, and she summoned a Cerberus where this familiar will act as the guard dog within the scene of the crime. Let’s hope that no one will disturb Cayna’s work.

Well, that’s until Primo arrived at the colosseum uninvited as Cayna’s Cerberus managed to capture him. Now let’s hope that Cayna will bring Primo back to his guardians as he’s really a handful.

After taking care of Primo, the ghost has finally arrived where it somewhat reacted to Cayna’s important item.

Specifically, her Guardian Ring as it somewhat reacted to the ghost. Of course, it turns out that there’s a secret area within the colosseum as Cayna will have to teleport there.

And so, Cayna used her Guardian Ring to teleport to the secret area. And here’s the thing as it’s somewhat similar to her own Silver Tower where she needs to pour some mana in order to reactivate its functions.

Anyways, here’s Cayna where she poured some mana in order to restore this area to its full glory. Then again, I’m not sure if she managed to solve the ghost problem.

But here’s the ghost where it turned out to be a Tower Guardian that was owned by one of the Skill Masters named Kyotaro. And by the way, I forgot to tell you that Cayna is actually a Skill Master herself.

Unfortunately, the Tower Guardian told Cayna that Kyotaro is no longer in Leadale as it explained that his dream is finally over. Of course, Cayna realized upon interpreting the Tower Guardian’s words is that the World of Leadale has ended its service, meaning that she’s the only player who survived beyond the game’s closure.

In any case, Cayna received Kyotaro’s Guardian Ring where she became the new owner of the Tower or should I say Colosseum Guardian. Afterwards, she told her guardian not to bother with the humans anymore.

And with that, this quest is completed as the ghost has been pacified, but Cayna is really sad that she’s the only player left standing in the World of Leadale.

Speaking of Cayna, she’s really not in the mood on taking quests as the high elf mage stayed at an inn and sleep for the rest of the day. Well, I hope that she can get a nice long rest.

That’s until Skargo showed up where he’s really worried about his mommy dearest.

First of all Skargo, what took you so long to see your mother again after she arrived in Felskeilo? Second, you’re being annoying towards Cayna that she’s not feeling well today!

Anyways, let’s end this episode where Cayna delivered a devastating uppercut to Skargo. Poor Skargo, he became Jyushimatsu after getting that uppercut from mommy dearest!

Now that Cayna finally reunited with her children, I guess that she’ll live peacefully in the World of Leadale… unless someone disturb her. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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