Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku Episode #03

Let’s begin with Komichi Akebi where she’s shows her flexible body yet again as she’s preparing for the physical examination. Of course, Akebi-chan won’t do any squats or vault jumps as she’ll do a 100-meter dash.

You see, Komichi Akebi decided to run barefoot where she posted the fastest time. Now it appears that most of the seniors in Roubai Academy wanted to recruit her to either a basketball club or athletics club.

Unfortunately, the seniors got interrupted by a certain class representative.

This is Kei Tanigawa where she told the seniors not to bother Komichi Akebi as homeroom is about to start soon. Besides, Akebi-chan wants to think it over on which club she’ll join.

Anyways, I give kudos to Tanigawa-san for saving Akebi-chan in a difficult situation.

But speaking of Akebi-chan, she’s really interested in her legs as Komichi wants Kei Tanigawa to take a picture of it.

Okay Akebi-chan, are you into leg fetish now despite showing your legs earlier?

Anyways, enjoy the wonderful sight of Tanigawa’s feet as Akebi-chan wanted to see and touch them in the future.

But first, time for Kei to take a selfie of her legs. Then again, Tanigawa is hesitating on whether to send the picture to Komichi Akebi or not.

Unfortunately, Tanigawa-san accidentally sent her picture to Akebi-chan when Kei’s mom called her. Wow, she’s easily startled whenever Kei hesitates.

Anyways, here’s Komichi Akebi where she finally saw Kei Tanigawa’s photo of her smooth legs. Just hoping that she won’t use the photo as blackmail.

Now then, it’s time for Akebi-chan to choose which club she’ll join as there are various clubs within Roubai Academy such as the gymnastics club.

Honestly, Komichi Akebi should join the gymnastics club as she has that flexible body, although she still needs to think it over before the deadline.

Unfortunately, it appears that there’s a sudden downpour where Komichi Akebi and Tomono Kojou got soaked in the rain.

So while they’re waiting for the rain to subside, it’s time for Akebi-chan’s story-telling where she reads an excerpt of Tsutomu Imai’s novel “Beyond the Blue Sky”.

I have to say that her voice is soothing that it calms Kojou’s nerves down until she falls asleep. Of course, I want to know if Akebi has finally decided on which club she’ll join?

Well, it seems that a decision was made by Komichi Akebi as she’s planning to join the drama club.

But why would she join that club despite being athletic? Could it be that she wants to emulate Miki Fukumoto? Who knows…

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode where Akebi-chan met another classmate named Kei Tanigawa, as well as joining the drama club for which Komichi will learn the ropes of becoming an actress.

Of course, I still can’t believe that Akebi has developed a new leg fetish not that she saw Tanigawa’s picture. Well then, I’ll see you next time!

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