Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season Episodes #01 – #04

Hey everyone, let me introduce you to Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh where she welcomes back the hero’s party.

Oh, and here they are where only Shizuku Yaegashi is the only one who’s really excited to see the princess. As for the rest? They’re pretty much devastated!

Anyways, Arifureta has returned for another season where I’m still worried that it might suck. C’mon, Asread is still doing the anime adaptation with some help from Studio Mother rather than White Fox.

So while Kouki Amanogawa and the rest are licking their wounds after that last battle, where’s Hajime Nagumo and his party?

Well, his party are in the desert where they encountered a person who’s suffering from mana overdose and he’s gonna die soon.

Fortunately, Kaori Shirasaki will try to heal this person by sucking the excess mana from his body. Good thing Hajime gave her a magic ring that absorbs mana.

Anyways, looks like this person is saved where he introduces himself as Bize Feuward Zengen.

Now then, he explained that the Dukedom of Ankaji is having a water supply crisis as their oasis was tainted. Thus, Bize went outside to find the Stillstone and purify the oasis, but he got caught with the mana overload poison in the middle of the desert.

Well, I have to say that Nagumo and his party will have to take a detour to Ankaji before moving onto the Grand Gruen Labyrinth.

So they finally arrived in Ankaji where the first order of business is to secure fresh water. Fortunately, Yue can make large bodies of water that’ll last for days, of course she needs Hajime’s blood to replenish her mana.

Meanwhile, here’s Hajime Nagumo where he managed to kill this bachulum which is the root cause of the water poisoning within Ankaji.

Anyways, looks like Ankaji’s water problem is finally solved. Of course, Prince Bize and his father Lunzwi wanted to secure tons of Stillstone in order to purify their water supply for years to come.

With that said, Hajime and his party will explore the Grand Gruen Labyrinth which is located in an active volcano. Of course, Kaori Shirasaki warned him not to get close to either Shea, Tio, or even Yue.

Oh Shirasaki, your overprotectiveness towards Nagumo is clearly off the charts. Anyways, she’ll stay in Ankaji to heal everyone who’s affected by the mana overload poison.

Now then, they’ve finally arrived at the volcano where the labyrinth’s core is located there.

Also, this volcano has a large deposit of Stillstone which is very important for purifying bodies of water. Gotta harvest those stones before taking on the labyrinth’s challenge.

Anyways, they’ve finally arrived at the heart of the Grand Gruen Labyrinth as Hajime Nagumo and his allies will tackle everything it throw at them.

Of course, it appears that they have no trouble on taking down flame snakes as Shea smack them down with her hammer that also acts as a gun. At this point, they’ll finish the labyrinth’s challenge.

However, someone interfered where a large pillar of light rain down on Nagumo. Oh boy, I hope Hajime is alright ’cause a beam of light won’t kill him that easily.

Anyways, this is Freid Bagwa where he sees Hajime Nagumo as a threat to all demons. Also, Freid wants to avenge Cattleya’s death which is why he’ll end this battle at once.

Except that Nagumo won’t go down easily as he deployed Cross Bits to defend himself. Basically, the act as funnels from the Gundam series.

And here’s Hajime where he’s using his trusty revolver to shoot Freid back. By the way, this is the anime debut of Hajime’s drone weapons as Asread really skipped most of the chapters.

Meanwhile, here’s Tio Klarus where she transformed into her dragon form. Even Freid Bagwa is shocked that there’s a sole survivor within the Black Dragon Clan.

Unfortunately for Freid, Tio is no slouch when it comes to throwing a powerful dragon breath towards his white dragon. Well then, looks like this demon has nowhere to go.

Except that he does have an escape plan in which Freid Bagwa opened the hatch. Oh, and he agitated the volcano as it’ll erupt in a few minutes.

So with no time left, Hajime told Tio to return to Ankaji along with the Stillstones as he and his remaining allies will stay in the volcano and clear the labyrinth’s challenge.

Um Hajime, I hope that you, Shea, and Yue can escape the volcano safely once you got the spoils. After all, Kaori Shirasaki might lose her mind if Nagumo is killed yet again.

For now, let’s focus on Tio Klarus where she tries to escape the volcano while hauling a large amount of Stillstones. Of course, Freid Bagwa won’t let her pass.

Not until Hajime deploys his Cross Bits to destroy the demon for good. Then again, I bet that Freid might survive ’cause he’s stronger than Cattleya.

With Freid Bagwa out of commission (I hope), looks like Tio Klarus can go back to the Dukedom of Ankaji and give the Stillstones to Bize and his father Lunzwi.

Now let’s return to Hajime Nagumo where he, Shea Haulia, and Yue have finally reached the core of the labyrinth.

Unfortunately, the creator of this labyrinth named Naiz Gruen is nowhere to be found. However, Naiz left his final message, saying that “I sincerely hope that the future of humankind will be based on free will”.

It sucks that Naiz Gruen didn’t show up as a spirit, but he left some inspiring message for Hajime Nagumo and his party to overcome all obstacles and stop the evil gods.

Now, it’s time to claim the spoils where Yue took an amulet where it said to control spatial magic. With that said, Nagumo’s party have conquered 3 labyrinths as there’s 4 more to go.

However, they need to get out of this active volcano first. Fortunately, Hajime thought of everything where he summoned a submarine that’ll safely take his party from the volcano to the ocean.

Then again, there’s no need for Yue and Hajime to get naked and have sex at the deck ’cause they need to find land first. By the way, what happened to Shea Haulia?

Oh, she’s still alive as Shea told Hajime and Yue to put some clothes on. Well then, looks like it’s time head back to Ankaji.

However, someone decided to search for Hajime Nagumo as Tio Klarus took both Myu and Kaori Shirasaki to his submarine.

Speaking of Myu, she almost fell down to her death if wasn’t for Hajime catching her.

But anyways, the entire party is reunited as Tio Klarus really missed Hajime. Um Tio, you have to be careful towards Kaori Shirasaki as she’s gonna murder you if you get too close to Nagumo.

Anyways, looks like they found an island to disembark as Hajime Nagumo and his party are heading to Erisen.

And when they’ve arrived in Erisen, it appears that Myu went to her home where she’s reunited with her mother Remia.

Unfortunately, Remia suffered a leg injury when she tried to defend Myu from those bandits.

Luckily, Kaori Shirasaki is here to heal Remia’s legs back to normal. Glad that Hajime Nagumo brought a healer to his party.

Now that Myu is reunited with her mother, I wonder what’s gonna happen to her since Myu wants to be with Hajime-papa till the end?

Now let’s return to the Kingdom of Heleigh where Aiko Hatayama explained to Shizuku Yaegashi that the kingdom branded Hajime Nagumo as a heretic, despite the fact that he saved the town of Ur from demons and saved Kouki Amanogawa and his party.

Speaking of Shizuku, she’s shocked to hear that but wait, there’s more as Hatayama told Yaegashi that the king and his royal court are acting strange lately.

Furthermore, Shizuku’s teacher revealed some secrets about the Church of Ehit, but it appears that I’ll find out later on what Hatayama discussed to Yaegashi regarding the church’s strange activities.

One last thing, here’s Daisuke Hiyama where he can’t believe that Hajime Nagumo survived the fall and came back stronger than before. Honestly, if I was Hiyama, I told my fellow classmates to volunteer on finding Nagumo and accidentally kill him.

Still, Daisuke Hiyama is really an idiot ’cause simply letting Hajime Nagumo fall down to the depths of the Orcus Labyrinth won’t simply kill him. Oh, and it appears that someone is mocking him.

Not sure who this person is, but I have a feeling that someone is rubbing salt on Hiyama’s wounds by insulting him further.

But that’s about it for the first 4 episodes of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season where I have to say that Hajime Nagumo and his party are in danger. Seriously, the likes of Freid Bagwa and the entire Kingdom of Heleigh want him dead, although Hajime will just brute-force his way against his enemies.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where I’m hoping that Hajime Nagumo can conquer all labyrinths and return home safely.

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