Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku Episode #05

Let me introduce you to Minoru Ookuma where she saw something beautiful.

This is Komichi Akebi where she looked stunning. But this is elementary school by the way…

Anyways, here’s Minoru Ookuma where she attended Roubai Academy and grabbed a snake while not being scared at all. What a brave girl she is!

Also, here’s Komichi Akebi where she’s very curious towards Minoru Ookuma. But for Ookuma however, she’s reunited with the girl she admired back then.

Anyways, what Minoru Ookuma is doing right now is observing various people as Komichi Akebi tagged along for this activity.

But let’s start with Hotaru Hiraiwa where the shortest student in Class 3-1 is struggling to reach the button in this vending machine.

That’s until Akebi-chan decided to intervene and help Hiraiwa-sempai. Am I imagining things, or they look taller?

Also, I think Komichi shouldn’t intervene at all as she’s just observing her surroundings after all.

But let’s move onto the next scene where both Akebi and Ookuma are observing a girl’s conversation between Tanabe-san and Hitomi Washio. I wonder what they’re talking about?

Unfortunately, their cover was blown when Yasuko Nawashiro appeared to call Washio-san. Oh by the way, they sure have long bodies upon seeing this screenshot.

Speaking of Washio, the reason why she’s talking to Tanabe-san is because this underclasswoman wants to befriend Nawashiro-sempai. Man, I thought Tanabe is confessing her love to Washio-sempai.

Anyways, moving onto another scene where Akebi-chan and Ookuma are currently hiding inside the locker as they observe Riona Shijou. Oh boy, I wonder if she’s stealing an item from someone’s bag?

Sadly, they failed when it comes to hiding their presence as Komichi Akebi sneezed, literally blowing their cover.

By the way, turns out that Shijou is getting a sandwich from her bag as she’s really hungry. You know what, I think they’re done observing people for today.

Now then, it’s time for another activity where they sketch various subjects like trees, flowers, or even animals.

In the case of Minoru Ookuma, a realistic drawing of a bird and I have to say that’s she’s really talented when it comes to drawing. It would be nice if Ookuma joined the art club in the future.

One last thing, let’s introduce another character named Ayumi Tougeguchi where she’s contemplating over a handkerchief belonging to Komichi Akebi.

Okay, how did Tougeguchi get it and when will she return it to Akebi-chan?

Speaking of Komichi Akebi, she’s still joined by Minoru Ookuma as Akebi-chan finally found her handkerchief.

Of course, you want to know how Tougeguchi got Akebi’s handkerchief, right?

Well, let’s go back to the past when Ayumi Tougeguchi went to the restroom as she’s very nervous that she might fail Roubai Academy’s entrance exam. Sadly, Tougeguchi forgot to bring her own handkerchief after washing her hands.

Fortunately, Komichi Akebi lend her handkerchief to Ayumi Tougeguchi, although Tougeguchi didn’t get to say thanks to Akebi as she went back to the classroom to take her entrance exam.

With that said, Tougeguchi finally returned the handkerchief to Akebi-chan. Of course, I wish Ayumi should have meet Komichi soon once she learned that Akebi enrolled to Roubai Academy.

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode where Komichi Akebi’s circle of friends is getting bigger with the addition of Minoru Ookuma and Ayumi Tougeguchi.

Speaking of Ookuma, she’s really smitten my Akebi’s looks as she felt happy to meet Komichi back when they’re kids. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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