Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Tsuioku-hen

Well everyone, it’s time for me to talk about the Mahouka special that was aired in December 31, 2021.

This is a flashback story arc where before they become students of First Magic High School, Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba were not that close as the former is treated as inferior according to their mother Miya Shiba.

Meanwhile, there’s a new character introduced named Honami Sakurai where she’s Miya’s personal guardian.

But unlike Miya and Miyuki Shiba where sees him with contempt, she somewhat treats Tatsuya with respect given his inferiority with magic.

For now, it’s time for the Shiba siblings to enjoy their summer vacation in Okinawa…

That is until they’ve encountered some off-duty soldiers where they’re pretty much acting tough and arrogant.

By the way, these soldiers are known as Left-Blood where they have mixed ancestry of Japanese and American. Unfortunately, they’re about to witness Tatsuya’s mastery when it comes to close combat.

As you can see, one of Left-Blood soldiers named Joseph Higaki was knocked out with only a single palm strike from Tatsuya Shiba.

For Miyuki Shiba, she’s starting to warm up towards Tatsuya after he defended her from these thugs. As for the Left-Blood, let’s hope that they won’t do any kind of retaliation.

Moving onto the next scene where the Shiba family are invited at the gala hosted by the Kuroba family, although the head of the household Mitsugu doesn’t want to invite Tatsuya in the first place due to his inferiority.

However, Mitsugu-san will have to let it slide because of his children, Ayako and Fumiya Kuroba. C’mon, they have respect towards Tatsuya unlike their father.

Now then, looks like the army wants to apologize to the Shiba siblings for their rude behavior as Lt. Colonel Harunobu Kazama told Tatsuya and Miyuki that Joseph Higaki felt responsible for his actions.

And speaking of Joe, he’s really sorry for the trouble he cause on the other day. Good thing Tatsuya accepts his apology as he doesn’t have any hard feelings.

With that said, Lt. Colonel Kazama invited the Shiba siblings to the Onna Base on the next day.

Of course, Tatsuya is not here to observe the soldiers as he wants to spar one of them.

Anyways, it’s Round 2 between Lance Corporal Joseph Higaki and Tatsuya Shiba where the former won’t lose again to a mere kid.

Oh and this time, he’ll use magic to defeat his opponent. I’m not sure if Joe will win against Tatsuya, but good luck to him.

Sadly for Lance Corporal Joe, Tatsuya made a shockwave that flings him away. Another easy win for Tatsuya Shiba.

Anyways, Tatsuya is still undefeated, but at least he didn’t kill the lance corporal as he’s gained some respect to him.

See, they’re buddies now! Looks like the Shiba siblings have enjoyed their visit to Onna Base as they’ll return to the summer house, although I have a feeling that Tatsuya is interested in joining the army.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Okinawa is in high alert as there are terrorists within the island, therefore everyone went inside the shelter. However, something isn’t right…

Well, it appears that a bunch of disgruntled soldiers open fire at their allies, some are part of Left-Blood which they’re frustrated of being treated as outsiders.

Of course, there a few who disagree as Lance Corporal Joseph Higaki convinced his fellow Left-Blood soldiers to surrender and work together with the Japanese, much like old times.

So while Joe is trying to convince his buddies to lay down their arms, Miyuki Shiba casts Cocytus to one of the Left-Blood soldiers.

C’mon, she can handle those goons since Miyuki is a powerful magician after all.

Except that she can’t defend herself, or even her mother and Honami, against bullets. Man, looks like those disgruntled soldiers have already signed their death certificates.

But anyways, here’s Tatsuya Shiba where he turned those disgruntled soldiers into dust. Well, except for Lance Corporal Joseph Higaki in which he’s still a good guy.

Now, the only thing left to do is to revive Miyuki Shiba as Tatsuya used Regrowth for the first time towards a human being. Let’s hope that he managed to revive Miyuki.

Speaking of Miyuki, she has regrets on not calling Tatsuya as her dear brother as she’s about to pass away.

But given that this is a prequel to the main story, Miyuki will make it out alive somehow.

Thanks to Tatsuya Shiba, Miyuki is finally revived as she thanked her brother for saving her life.

Of course, this is the beginning of Miyuki’s admiration towards Tatsuya-niisama. Now, what about Miya Shiba and Honami Sakurai?

Well, Tatsuya is reconstructing their bodies until they’re fully-revived. Anyways, looks like he’s done dealing with disgruntled soldiers inside the compound.

However, there’s more bad news as Lt. Colonel Harunobu Kazama told Tatsuya Shiba that the Great Asian Union is attacking Okinawa.

Now, Tatsuya and his family will make their retreat since they’re civilians and not involved with the conflict, but he decides to volunteer to fight alongside his fellow soldiers instead.

And so, Tatsuya Shiba joined the battle where he shows his combat prowess towards his enemies. The Great Asian Union soldiers didn’t stand a damn chance against Tatsuya.

Meanwhile, it’s time for Miya Shiba to tell the truth on why Tatsuya considered to be an inferior magician, or should I say why she doesn’t want her daughter Miyuki to get close to her brother.

Well, it’s because Miya did some terrible things to Tatsuya in the past…

Especially when she and her sister Maya Yotsuba made various experiments towards him, as they installed an artificial Magic Calculation Area in his brain as part of the Artificial Magician Plan.

By having his emotions or impulses suppressed, Tatsuya’s magic powers were amplified. However, his magic is still insufficient and thus the Yotsuba clan’s plan ended in failure.

Despite not turning Tatsuya into a powerful magician that’s worthy of the Yotsuba clan, the only thing that Miya didn’t remove is his love for Miyuki.

Speaking of Miyuki, she realized that she should have reached her brother sooner, as Tatsuya nearly lost all of his emotions in a failed attempt to make him stronger.

On the other hand, I don’t know if I should feel disgusted that Miya made a failed experiment towards his son, or I should feel pity that she can no longer feel the parental relationship to Tatsuya. All I can say is that the Yotsuba Clan’s pursuit towards perfection has ruined everyone’s lives and brought misery within the clan, including the Shiba family.

Of course, Miyuki is starting to warm up towards Tatsuya-niisama since he saved her life. And really, he’ll succumb to despair if he haven’t used Regrowth to his sister.

Now it’s time for the climax where the Great Asian Union made a desperate attempt to destroy the Japan Self-Defense Forces by launching a salvo of missiles.

Fortunately, Honami Sakurai appeared to defend her allies by creating a barrier. Can’t believe that Miya’s guardian is actually strong.

But this give some ample time for Tatsuya Shiba to cast his ace in the hole: Material Burst. All ships belonging to the Great Asian Union are wiped out.

Anyways, the legend of Tatsuya Shiba begins in 2092 at the Okinawa Defense Naval Battle. And damn, the enemies are pretty much terrified on what Tatsuya can do whenever his loved ones got hurt.

Sadly, the battle to drive out the Great Asian Union costs a lot of lives, including Honami Sakurai where she decided not to be healed by Tatsuya Shiba.

But here’s the shocking truth as Honami is actually an artificial magician where she serve as a shield to not only Miya Shiba, but also everyone that needs to be saved.

Sadly, she pushed herself to the limit and thus Honami’s role as the shield has ended in the Okinawa Defense Naval Battle. It’s really sad that Honami Sakurai decided to pass away in her own terms as she somewhat have a connection to Tatsuya Shiba, given that both of them are artificial magicians.

Despite the death of Honami Sakurai, her legacy lives on towards her niece Minami Sakurai, where she becomes the personal guardian to both Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba.

And that’s the end of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Tsuioku-hen where I really understand on how the relationship between the Shiba siblings has started in Okinawa, despite encountering some trouble along the way. Seriously, Tatsuya reviving Miyuki and casting Material Burst for the first time were the best things that happened on this special.

On the other hand, they missed the opportunity to show what happened to Miya Shiba after the Okinawa Defense Naval Battle. C’mon, I want to see Miya trying to reconcile with her son, although the problem is that her pride as a Yotsuba clan member is getting in her way in reconnecting with Tatsuya.

Anyways, the future of Mahouka is bright as there will be another season. Let’s hope that the series will improve rather than continue to disappoint the viewers.

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