Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku Episode #06

Well, this is surprising as Erika Kizaki went to a nearby lake to catch some fish. Then again, I’m worried that Kizaki might get drowned as the soft soil might sink her.

Fortunately, Komichi Akebi has arrived to rescue Erika Kizaki, although Kizaki is still fine as she haven’t sunk deeper into the lake.

Anyways, it’s time for these two girls to do some fishing, although Akebi-chan doesn’t have a fishing rod with her.

Instead, she used one grain of rice as bait, which is tied to a string. Not sure it’ll work out since a grain of rice won’t-

Oh wait, it did work out as Komichi Akebi caught an amur minnow. Yes, it’s a small freshwater fish, but getting one on her first try is really surprising for me.

Meanwhile, Kizaki is about to catch a big one, although Erika is caught in a snag where she’s starting to sink into the lake.

Well then, looks like Komichi Akebi will have to take Kizaki’s fishing rod as Erika will have to remove her wader in order to get herself lighter.

Oh by the way, she’s wearing a diving suit underneath her wader, so there’s no risk of getting herself naked in the heat of the moment.

With that said, both Kizaki and Akebi are working together to catch this fish, as the former pulls her fishing rod while the latter will try to grab the fish with Erika’s wader.

Thanks to their efforts, they caught a big fish on this episode, although Erika Kizaki will have to release it since she can’t bring it home.

One last thing, it’s time for Erika Kizaki to visit the Akebi residence where Komichi and her family welcomed her with open arms.

Oh yeah, and they offered a bath to Erika since she and Komichi went fishing all day.

With that said, what an interesting episode where Erika Kizaki and Komichi Akebi got closer to the point that they’re calling each other by their first name.

Of course, I wish they got intimate in the bathtub. Just kidding, they’re just friends, nothing more and nothing less!

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