Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja Episodes #05 & #06

On this episode, the headmaster of the First Magic Academy challenges the Second Magic Academy to a duel to see who is superior. Of course, the tournament that happened on the first episode doesn’t count due to some demonic interference.

But dealing with the First Academy, especially when they’re still chanting their spells, is a complete waste of time!

And as you can see, an army of First Academy students got wrecked by only 5 magicians from the Second Academy. Gotta say that Mathias Hildesheimer’s teachings of wordless spells is superior in any way.

One more thing, the King of Eis had enough of the headmaster’s excuses as he ordered his soldiers to arrest him for treason, especially when the headmaster refused to cooperate with the Second Academy.

In any case, the headmaster of the First Magic Academy is basically doomed. You know something, I bet that this guy is actually a demon in disguise.

With that said, the First Academy will have to cooperate with the Second Academy as they learn wordless spells while creating a powerful barrier.

But for Matty and his buddies, they need to become stronger and hunt for the elusive magistone, as they went back to the dungeon where they’ll fight a powerful monster.

Oh yeah, here’s Lurie Arvento Roth where she’s making traps in order to slow the monster down.

Of course, she’s being supported by Mathias Hildesheimer where this scene is kinda lewd. Seriously, Lurie is always blushing every time she’s near Matty.

Also, here’s Iris where she’s summoning a powerful monster, although she can’t control her own magic as Iris poured too much mana.

The result? A powerful dragon that can obliterate everyone who doesn’t have any godly powers like Mathias Hildesheimer or even Iris.

Speaking of Iris, she just punch the hell out of the dragon’s face. C’mon, it’s natural for dragons to fight since Iris is a black dragon after all.

Meanwhile, here’s Mathias Hildesheimer where he’s about to make the dragon explode, using its own dragon breath and Lurie’s traps as a catalyst.

Anyways, looks like the dragon is finally defeated, although I’m worried that Matty and his friends got caught in the blast.

Luckily, no one got killed as Iris got the magistone from the dragon’s burned corpse. Of course, they’ll make a barrier later…

For now, Matty and Lurie forged a spear for Iris. Not sure if it’s durable since Iris already broke a sword or two.

But here’s Iris where she broke this giant boulder with her brand-new spear. Oh I bet that it’ll be destroyed quickly!

Never mind, looks like Iris’ speak can withstand the dragon’s strength. Not only that, but it can produce giant tornadoes that leaves both Lurie and Alma stunned.

Now that Iris has an unbreakable weapon, time to make a powerful barrier that’ll protect the kingdom!

Except that the demons have arrived as they’re gonna slaughter every human within the Kingdom of Eis.

Of course, they only sent a single demon for now, which is enough to take down a thousand human soldiers.

Unfortunately for the demon, the students of the Second Magic Academy are fully-prepared for the demons’ invasion as they protected themselves from the enemy’s attacks.

Meanwhile, here’s Alma Repsius where she fired a magic arrow straight to the demon, although the enemy will just dodge it right away.

Except that Alma’s arrow can curve until it penetrates to the enemy. That’s gonna be painful!

But there goes the demon where the students of Second Academy took it down. However, they only defeated one demon.

That’s because there’s still more as the students are tired and weary on taking the entire army by themselves. Man, I’m really scared that they’ll lose!

Fortunately, Mathias Hildesheimer has arrived where he slaughtered all of the demons by himself. As expected from the reincarnated sage, Matty is really strong!

Now that the demons are defeated, time to create an impenetrable barrier that’ll protect the Kingdom of Eis from demonic threats.

However, Matty and his allies will have to deal with monsters who wanted to destroy the barrier.

Speaking of Mathias, he throws Iris to this golem as Matty believes that she’s tough enough to survive being thrown away.

Thanks to Matty’s thinking, this golem is toppled down. But seriously, yeeting Iris is kinda hilarious due to being a dragon that can’t control her own strength.

But wait, they still have to deal with the boss monster as it can potentially destroy the barrier in one fell swoop.

Of course, Matty will just kill this boss monster in one blow as he’s the protagonist after all.

With that said, the Kingdom of Eis is finally saved from demons and monsters thanks to Mathias Hildesheimer and his allies. Not only that, but the kingdom will be fully-protected thanks to a powerful barrier.

Of course, all things must come to an end as Matty decides to leave the kingdom in order to become a powerful magician, although Eduard told Mathias that the door is still open for him to return to Second Magic Academy.

Anyways, this show has ended its first half where Mathias Hildesheimer and his allies will travel various places, become stronger, and kill any remaining demons ’cause they’re a pain in the ass! I mean, they almost won against the humans, but Gaius reincarnate into Matty where he possesses the Crest of Combat.

Now then, I’ll see you next time where I fear the second half might become mediocre rather than being the “it’s so bad, it’s so hilarious” show.

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