Sabikui Bisco Episode #06

Looks like hell has frozen over for both Bisco Akaboshi and Milo Nekoyanagi as they went further to the north. But aside from fighting the bitter cold, they need to keep their eyes opened…

…especially when they encountered a snow rabbit and someone hiding underneath a pile of smoke. Well, they’ll deal with the latter afterwards.

For now, Milo Nekoyanagi tries to hunt down a snow rabbit for food, although I doubt that he’ll miss his target because it’s his first time taking up archery.

But on the contrary, it appears that Milo made a successful hunt on his first try as he used a special arrow that creates a spider-like web.

Now that the food is secured, time for Milo and Bisco to deal with the person hiding underneath the snow.

And this is quite surprising as they encountered Tirol Ochagama again, although she’s frozen solid that they need a powerful flame to thaw out the ice.

Still, both Bisco and Milo saved Tirol yet again from certain death as she’ll give them various items or even help them haggle the price when dealing with traveling merchants.

Of course, Akaboshi really wants to literally poke fun at Ochagama’s misfortune by placing a heated rod at her forehead. Um Bisco, sure that you don’t like Tirol for gunning down Jabi, but it’s really bad to ruin a pretty face y’know!

Now then, it’s time for Bisco, Milo, and Tirol to take the shortcut via the subway line. Unfortunately, its entrance is frozen solid that melting the ice will take lots of time.

But you know what, they have Actagawa where Bisco’s pet crab will break the ice as they can now get inside the train station.

Now all they need now is to find a working train that’ll take them to Akita Prefecture.

Well, they found a working locomotive inside the train station, but neither Bisco Akaboshi nor Milo Nekoyanagi can activate it.

That’s where Tirol Ochagama’s time to shine where she’s good at fixing machines. Then again, her life as a mechanic is not as easy where Tirol is treated as a slave than a normal employee.

Still, I’m glad that Bisco and Milo brought Tirol along the ride ’cause they might not use the train at all if they haven’t save her.

So while Ochagama is fixing the locomotive, Bisco told Milo on how he met Jabi and became his student.

While he’s known for being a cool old guy, Jabi is very strict when it comes to teaching young’uns into Mushroom Keepers.

And seriously, Bisco Akaboshi almost hated Jabi that he plans to kick the shit out of his master. However, Bisco no longer has any hatred towards Jabi as he wants to save his mentor’s life.

Anyways, it’s really nice that Bisco shared his story with his teacher. Now then, I wonder if Tirol is finished repairing the locomotive?

Fortunately, she’s done fixing the locomotive as Milo Nekoyanagi gave her a bowl of stew.

You know something, Tirol Ochagama has some feelings for Milo because he’s the one who saved her life back at the Nikko War Memorial.

Well then, it’s time for Bisco and Milo to depart and while I want Tirol to join them, it appears that the boys will see her again in another place. Anyways, time to depart towards Akita!

Except that hit a snag when an oilsquid attack them. Oh boy, what will they do to shake this giant monster off their locomotive?

Well, Milo ordered Actagawa to throw the locomotive engine at the squid’s mouth. Wait a minute, yanking the engine out might be a bad idea as they might not make it to the end of the tunnel.

But anyways, all he needs to do is get a perfect aim as Bisco helped Milo getting a nice shot.

And luckily, Milo Nekoyanagi didn’t miss as he shoot the arrow straight into the locomotive engine, creating a spark that’ll ignite the oilsquid until it catches fire.

With that said, looks like the oilsquid is defeated where it creates a violent explosion, propelling the locomotive straight to Akita Prefecture.

But after reaching the end of the tunnel, it appears that they have to fight the pipe snake where it guards the Weeping Child Ravine from anything.

Still, both Bisco and Milo have reached their main objective as they’re gonna harvest the elusive Rust-Eater mushroom, although dealing with the Pipe Snake is a pain in the ass.

Oh and it gets worse when Pawoo Nekoyanagi appeared to settle the score against Bisco Akaboshi. Damn, she’s really tenacious to take the terrorist down and save Milo!

Anyways, tune in next time where Bisco has to deal with two powerful enemies in his quest to get the elusive mushroom.

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  1. momomanamu says:

    Yeah, this was a pretty good episode! I like that Milo is getting more proficient with his bow, and the snow bunny was really cute! The pipe snake at the end was crazy!

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