Sabikui Bisco Episode #07

Well everyone, I have to say that their bout between Pawoo Nekoyanagi and Bisco Akaboshi will be postponed as the pipe snake has arrived to trounce on them.

Speaking of the pipe snake, it sure looks hideous by having human fingers and legs and not only that, but Pawoo got captured. Oh noes, what are they gonna do now?

Simple, Milo told Actagawa to use its pincers to punch right though the snake’s tough skin. That’ll free his sister as Bisco grabs Pawoo.

Unfortunately, the pipe snake uses its tongue to grab both Milo and Actagawa. Oh boy, that giant reptile is gonna swallow them whole!

That’s until Milo Nekoyanagi decided to cut one of Actagawa’s pincers to set themselves free.

While Actagawa won’t attract female crabs afterwards, they’re still in danger of being swallowed by the pipe snake.

Fortunately, Bisco Akaboshi throws a spear towards the snake. Gotta give thanks to Nuts for giving him the spear back in Ep. 5!

Sadly, both Bisco and Milo are about to be swallowed whole by the pipe snake. Oh I hope that their bows are ready to be fired.

By the way, here’s Pawoo Nekoyanagi where she finally landed on the ground after launching Bisco Akaboshi up in the air.

Of course, Pawoo is worried that both of them might get killed by the pipe snake.

Oh wait, seems that Bisco and Milo finally defeated the pipe snake where they stuff it with lots of mushrooms. Hell, it even grow from the inside out!

Now then, it’s time for Bisco Akaboshi to collect the spoils which is the Rust-Eater mushroom.

But when he took one from the pipe snake, it turn out to be a dud after eating it.

Thus, Bisco will have to hunt for another pipe snake but geez, I think he should take a rest ’cause he’s not some superman who can brute-force his way to get what he wants.

On the other hand, looks like Milo Nekoyanagi accidentally found out that the Rust-Eater mushroom can be useful after all. All he needs is a drop of blood from a Mushroom Keeper and it’ll work like a charm.

And since Milo has Bisco with him, the doctor can ask him to offer his blood. Of course, don’t ask Bisco about his blood type ’cause he doesn’t know about it.

Meanwhile, looks like an airship belonging to Imihama is about to haul the pipe snake to their prefecture.

After all the blood, sweat, and tears that both Milo and Bisco made to kill that monster, Governor Kurokawa just steal the spoils like that? Fuck, this is the worst!

In any case, time for Bisco to shoot the governor along with his airship, but Kurokawa has one secret weapon that’ll bring the Mushroom Keeper down.

Well, a goddamn revolver where its bullets are coated with rust. Looks like Bisco didn’t get a ceramic plate to protec- Oh wait, those things don’t exist anymore because of the Rusty Wind.

Luckily, Milo took some of the Rust-Eater mushrooms and created a cure for the Rusting disease.

Then again, he only made two of them which is meant for both Jabi and Pawoo. However, the latter decided to give the medicine to Bisco ’cause he needed the most, especially when he got hit by the rust-coated bullet.

Speaking of Pawoo Nekoyanagi, I’m really surprised that her impression towards Bisco has changed from being antagonistic to supporting.

I guess she sees the Mushroom Keeper as the only good guy in this barren world. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Pawoo think of him as a cutie. Geez Pawoo, stop teasing the Mushroom Keeper!

And so, Pawoo Nekoyanagi went back to Imihama now that she sees Bisco Akaboshi as a good person who can protect her brother.

But seriously, she shouldn’t tail Bisco like a certain inspector as Governor Kurokawa took the spoils right under their noses.

Now let’s return to Imihama where the entire prefecture is acting weird. The Imihama Watch is getting feral thanks to some virus, that Pawoo questions the governor on why he did to her men.

And speaking of Kurokawa, he has a surprise for Pawoo. God, I wonder what this nasty governor trying to pull?

Oh shit, he took Jabi as hostage as expected! On the other hand, did Kurokawa figure it out that he needs the blood of the Mushroom Keeper to synthesize the Rust-Eater mushroom and make a profit for it?

Regardless, Pawoo is in a pickle where Kurokawa holds the Imihama Watch right to his hands. Of course, I’m scared on what’s gonna happen to Pawoo as she might get killed or turned into a sex slave.

Now then, looks like Governor Kurokawa made a threatening statement on live television where he holds both Jabi and Pawoo Nekoyanagi as hostages.

This made Milo very angry as he needs to rescue them as soon as possible. Of course, he’s at risk where Governor Kurokawa might capture Milo Nekoyanagi as he has the expertise to make effective medicines.

Unfortunately for Milo, Bisco won’t let him go outside as the doctor might get caught in Kurokawa’s trap, therefore he’ll risk his life and limb to rescue his master and Pawoo.

Then again, let’s not forget that Bisco Akaboshi is still injured thanks to Kurokawa inflicting a rust-coated gunshot to his stomach. Sure that he used the Rust-Eater antidote on himself, but Bisco might get gunned down by Kurokawa and his men again.

Regardless, he’s still determined to rescue Jabi and Pawoo as Bisco knocks Milo down. Injuries be damned alright, but Bisco shouldn’t go overboard or Milo might have a broken leg or neck.

Sadly for Bisco Akaboshi, it appears that Milo Nekoyanagi injected some sleeping potion on the Mushroom Keeper. Yeah, Milo pulled a fast one, but I’m still worried that he might get captured by that yakuza governor.

And that’s about for this episode where I have to say that the battle against the pipe snake is the best part. C’mon, they fought hard to get the elusive mushroom.

Of course, I’m still mad that Governor Kurokawa committed heinous crimes from stealing the pipe snake (along with the Rust-Eater mushrooms), to taking Pawoo and Jabi as hostages.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where I’m hoping that Bisco Akaboshi can wake up as soon as possible.

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  1. momomanamu says:

    So much happened this episode it felt a bit rushed! And I was really looking forward to the Pawoo VS. Bisco battle. But I can’t wait to see what happens next time.

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