Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season Episodes #05 – #07

Well everyone, this is the 2nd post for Arifureta 2nd Season where I talk about Episodes 5 to 7, and we begin with this scene where a nun tries to convince Aiko Hatayama to join the Church of Ehit, but it turns out that Aiko-chan is really powerful that the nun decided to punch her in the gut.

By the way, this nun’s method of convincing Hatayama involves mind-control. Wait a minute, I have a bad feeling about this!

Of course, the only person who saw Aiko Hatayama is Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh and I have a feeling that she’ll be in danger if the princess is captured by her own father who’s acting weird lately.

Anyways, let’s hope that Princess Liliana will escape the castle as soon as possible. For now, let’s move onto Hajime Nagumo and his party of renegades…

And speaking of Hajime-kun, he’s using the pendant that he got from the Grand Gruen Labyrinth. Oh I wonder where that beam of light leads to?

Well, it leads to the Sunken Ruins of Melusine where Hajime and the rest will acquire another ancient magic skill. Of course, they’ll have to deal with a powerful monster.

This time, it’s a gelatinous monster called the Devourer where it said to be indestructible. Honestly, it looked like a boss from Darius!

Fortunately, the only solution that Nagumo can think of is burn the damn monster with a flamethrower, except that it didn’t work out.

So for the time being, looks like Hajime Nagumo will have to explore the labyrinth by creating a large hole with a pile bunker. Um Hajime-kun, you know that it’s a bad idea when you and your harem are in underwater!

Of course, he decides to do it anyway as Hajime creates a giant whirlpool that sucks everyone further below. Let’s hope that they’re okay!

So even though they managed to escape from the Devourer for the time being, the real challenge begins at the Sunken Ruins of Melusine.

Now then, here’s both Hajime Nagumo and Kaori Shirasaki where they’re transported into one of the strangest rooms within the sunken ruins.

Speaking of Kaori Shirasaki, it appears that she’s having an inferiority complex where Kaori felt useless compared to Yue, Shea Haulia, or even Tio Klarus. But to be fair, her class is a healer where it’s actually useful.

Anyways, the real horror starts in the sunken ruins where both of them sees a vision of demi-humans being slaughtered all in the name of Ehit.

Now I have an idea why the Liberators wanted Hajime and his party to pass their knowledge is because they want him to defeat the mad god who turned Tortus into a hellhole.

Moving on where Hajime and Kaori got separated inside the sunken ship, although it appears that Nagumo managed to see Shirasaki. Well then, time to find the treasure within the sunken ruins!

However, Hajime Nagumo decides to shoot Kaori Shirasaki because he sensed an evil spirit possessing Kaori’s body. Man, I thought that he’ll accidentally kill his classmate for reals.

But thanks to Nagumo, Shirasaki returns to normal where she kisses Hajime-kun. Yeah, she’s really in love with him, although Daisuke Hiyama won’t like it all!

Now then, the party has reunited where they finally reached the treasure room. I wonder what Hajime and the rest will receive?

But first, a little word of advice from Meiru Melusine where she told everyone not to believe in that evil god who plunged the world into chaos.

Basically, the creator of the labyrinth wants Hajime and the rest to be free from Ehit’s control. Great advise from Meiru Melusine!

Now, it’s time to acquire another ancient magic skill called restoration magic. From its description alone, I think Kaori Shirasaki should inherit that magic since she’s the healer after all.

Oh yeah, it appears that Hajime’s party will have to deal with the Devourer where it returns with a vengeance.

By the way, looks a certain fish named Lehman has returned where he helped Hajime and his friends by summoning a large school of fish to ram the Devourer.

Nice to see him again but now it’s time for Hajime to finish the boss off…

…by launching a salvo of missiles that might destroy the Devourer once and for all. Then again, I wish Hajime would use that weapon sooner.

Anyways, there goes the Devourer as it’s completely obliterated. As for Lehman, I hope he and his school of fish would survive the explosion.

Now that Hajime Nagumo and his party have conquered the Sunken Ruins of Melusine, it’s time to move onto the next labyrinth.

However, they need to say goodbye to Myu where Hajime made a promise that he’ll pick her up once he found a way to return home.

Speaking of Myu, she gave them some shells as a good luck charm. Aww, that was sweet of her!

But anyways, Hajime’s party will leave Erisen as they’ll head to the Divine Mountain where it said to house another ancient magic skill.

Oh yeah and about that particular labyrinth, it appears that Aiko Hatayama is locked inside the Divine Mountain. I guess Hajime Nagumo will have to rescue his teacher in addition to getting the ancient magic.

Of course, there’s a problem as Freid Bagwa returns to lead his demon army to battle. Oh boy, I bet that he and his fellow demons will invade the Kingdom of Heleigh, or destroy Hajime Nagumo since Freid sees him as very dangerous.

And it gets worse where Captain Meld Loggins is trying to snap his subordinate back to his senses. Man, everyone is getting insane as someone is controlling the people of Heleigh.

Unfortunately for Captain Meld, a certain Daisuke Hiyama stabbed him in the back. That asshole, Hiyama is gonna pay for his treachery!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where Hajime Nagumo will have to rescue the princess and Hatayama-sensei as soon as he can. And seriously, fuck Hiyama!

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