Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku Episode #08

On this episode, Roubai Academy will hold a sports festival and this is the first time Komichi Akebi participated in this event since c’mon, she’s pretty much alone back in elementary school.

Then again, Akebi-chan will participate in the cheerleading competition… until Erika Kizaki mentioned that she’s good at freestyle swimming.

This prompted one of her classmates named Riri Minakami to challenge Komichi Akebi in a swimming race. The winner will have the right to wear Akebi’s unique school uniform, something that Komichi won’t let that happen.

Problem is that Minakami is an ace swimmer where she competed at a national-level. Yeah, that’s a big obstacle to overcome for Akebi-chan.

Of course, Ai Tatsumori told Riri Minakami not to create any sort of trouble to her fellow classmates such as challenging them in exchange for their item.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Minakami from getting what she wants as she’ll win the challenge against Akebi. Gee Riri, you shouldn’t bully Komichi just because you’re a member of the swimming club.

With that said, looks like there’s no other choice but for Akebi-chan to accept Minakami’s challenge as she’s ready to go.

And they’re off to the races as both girls are racing towards the end! However, I’m worried that Komichi Akebi won’t close the gap against Riri Minakami.

And as you can see, the gap is really big that Akebi-chan won’t catch up with her rival on the final stretch. Oh I hope that someone would send some energy to Komichi!

Well, there’s Erika Kizaki where she cheers her friend, telling Akebi-chan that she can do it. Glad that her best friend is cheering her on.

Thanks to Kizaki, Akebi-chan managed to catch up with Minakami until the very end. However, did she manage to overtake the ace swimmer? We’ll find out!

Anyways, the winner has been declared where Riri Minakami took first place.

Dammit, looks like we’ll have to rename this show as Minakami-chan no Sailor-fuku now that she got Akebi’s special school uniform.

Then again, she decided not to take it because it was actually a joke to test Akebi’s swimming abilities. But seriously, Minakami shouldn’t challenge anyone just because she’s a talented athlete.

So while we’re done with the swimming challenge, there’s one thing that Riri have to deal with.

You see, she’s not the brightest tool in the shed when it comes to academics. I mean, her test scores are terrible that Ai Tatsumori called Riri Minakami out for it.

You know something Minakami, you should tell Akebi-chan that she’ll become your personal tutor if you win the challenge, not taking someone’s school uniform.

Anyways, looks like everyone helped Riri Minakami until she managed to pass the remedial exams. Speaking of Minakami, she’ll become the anchor of the swimming competition.

As for Komichi Akebi, she’ll retain her school uniform. Oh, and she’ll compete as a cheerleader in the upcoming sports festival. Let’s hope that Akebi-chan can perform splits and other acrobatic feats.

But let’s talk more about Komichi Akebi where her mother created a summer uniform. And seriously, Komichi looked so beautiful!

Heck, even her father Sato and little sister Kao-chan really liked it. Anyways, it’s really nice that Komichi Akebi got another set of school uniform.

One more thing, looks like Kao-chan tries to wear Komichi’s school uniform, but it turned out that it’s too big for her. I guess Kao-chan will have to wait until she grows into a teenager.

For now, Komichi made an impromptu school uniform for Kao-chan by tying a ribbon across her neck. Honestly, Kao-chan looked so cute!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where I’m looking forward for the upcoming sports festival at Roubai Academy!

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