Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja Episodes #07 & #08

Well everyone, it’s time for Mathias Hildesheimer and his friends to travel the world in order to get stronger. Oh, and hunt down demons of course ’cause this is Matty’s (or Gaius’) lifelong mission.

For now, Matty and his friend will cook some roasted boar. C’mon, they’re hungry after a long journey!

Meanwhile, here’s both Lurie Arvento Roth and Alma Repsius where they’re feeling dubious if it’s safe to eat a piece of boar meat. Oh geez, it’s safe to eat it!

Hell, even Iris loves eating boar meat, especially when it’s cooked medium-rare. I have no comments when it comes to her appetite.

Now then, it’s time for his team to visit the dungeon city of Melkia where it said to be bustling, but it turned out to be a warzone thanks to some current lord who makes questionable decisions, like using dragon vein instead of magistones and sending a bunch of adventurers to fight monsters with no support from healers.

Shit, I have a feeling that it was those demons who turned this city into a ghost town by replacing a competent lord with some idiot.

Fortunately, Matty has the Crest of Combat where it’s not only useful against slaying demons, but it can heal wounds as this doctor is amazed by his abilities.

Oh boy, I feel that Mathias will be targeted by the lord’s goons, although Matty will do fine because he’s baiting them.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice moment between Lurie and Mathias where they couldn’t sleep because they’re closer to each other. Geez, enough with sexual tension here you two!

Honestly, both Lurie and Mathias should become lovers already instead of acting as friends.

Now then, looks like the lord’s goons have arrived to capture Mathias Hildesheimer due to being a healer. Oh really guys, you don’t know who you’re dealing with!

But instead of breaking free from those goons, Matty let Iris smack them. C’mon, he wants his buddies to take center stage rather than carrying the entire thing!

After dealing with some goons, it’s time for Matty to ask some assistance to arrest the current lord. That’s where Eik comes into play where he has the legal right to arrest Lord Dokiel Melkia from his wrongdoings.

Glad that Matty managed to get some help without being spotted by Dokiel’s men.

Oh and here’s Dokiel Melkia where he has an arrest warrant for sabotaging the entire dungeon city.

By the way, Matty and his friends already took care of those goons, which leaves them capturing this buffoon of a lord.

Oh yeah, and Matty knock him out quickly with the snap of his finger. Well, that takes care of Lord Dokiel Melkia, but Mathias and his friends will have to deal with the dragon vein as the buffoon is not working alone.

Fortunately, Lurie Arvento will take care of the dragon vein as Matty believes in her magic abilities. Still, I’m hoping that Iris and Alma Repsius are backing her up.

Now then, it’s time for Mathias Hildesheimer to deal with Lord Dokiel Melkia’s accomplice or should I say the one who manipulated the lord in the first place.

And here he is where this demon doesn’t act like the rest of his kin because he got orders from the mysterious demon lord, giving him tips on how to beat someone possessing the Crest of Combat.

Unfortunately for the unnamed demon, Mathias Hildesheimer is too damn good where he’s not only possesses the so-called “Crest of Failure”, but let’s not forget that he’s the legendary sage Gaius.

But there goes the demon where he lost his head. Guess he’s like the rest of the demons!

Not only that, but Lurie and the rest managed to stop the dragon vein from exploding, meaning that the monsters at the surface have finally disappeared.

With that, the dungeon city of Melkia is finally saved, all thanks to Mathias Hildesheimer and his friends who got rid of the demon’s influence.

Now then, it’s time for Matty to find the demon lord who gives orders ’cause he knows how to deal with people who possesses the Crest of Combat.

Sadly, it appears that Mathias Hildesheimer couldn’t find the demon lord at all, but he’ll continue to hunt him down eventually. One more thing, do you want to know who’s behind the voice of that demon lord?

Why it’s none other that Takehito Koyasu. God, I feel that I have some regrets on watching this show where it went from being generic, to slightly entertaining thanks to Iris’ introduction, and then it turned into an impending trainwreck.

Speaking of Koyasu’s character, I wonder if he’ll be the greatest adversary that Matty will face, or he’s just a pile of disappointment much like the rest of the demons? Anyways, tune in next time!

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