Sabikui Bisco Episode #09

Well, this is really bad as Milo Nekoyanagi is having a nightmare. Could it be that it’s the end of the road for Doctor Panda?

Oh wait, he’s still alive as Milo is blindfolded. Also, he’s still lingering from the effects of Rust as I feared that he’ll be dead if left untreated.

On the other hand, here’s Bisco Akaboshi where he’s still hanging there. C’mon, he’s tough as nails after all.

Now then, Bisco is applying the Rust-Eater mushroom antidote to Milo and while the Rusting will mostly be removed from his body, I wonder if Bisco already took the antidote by himself?

Meanwhile, here’s Governor Kurokawa where he took Jabi to a smelting facility. No, he’s not gonna kick the old man into the molten lava and become an iron ingot.

Turns out that Kurokawa is gonna create another Rusty Wind disaster by melting one of the surviving iron giant that has a working reactor.

This is called the Tetsujin where Kurokawa explains that the reason why Japan turned into a wasteland is because they’re busy making robots. Heck, its activation triggered an explosion that spreads the Rusting disease to everyone.

Now, he’s gonna do it again so that people will force to pay exorbitant fees to get the Rust-Eater mushroom antidote. C’mon, he has Jabi in his grasp, but Kurokawa won’t mind getting some fresh new talent.

Unfortunately from the governor, one of his elite soldiers decides to betray him by stabbing his foot. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt but why would someone do that to our glorious governor?

Oh, it’s Bisco Akaboshi where he used Jabi’s playbook, but better execution as neither Kurokawa nor his soldiers couldn’t notice him.

And speaking of Kurokawa, he got yeeted by the Mushroom Keeper. Then again, it seems that the governor is still alive as Kurokawa didn’t fell down to the lava pit yet.

Anyways, Bisco saved his old master yet again as he told Jabi to stop the Ganesha Cannon from firing a rust shell towards the village, while he’ll personally deal with the governor as Bisco hates Kurokawa with a passion.

Also, looks like Bisco shares a hug with Jabi, yet I’m hoping that it won’t be the last time. By the way, do you want to know what the Ganesha Cannon looks like?

Well, here it is where Governor Kurokawa mutated an elephant into an artillery piece. It doesn’t help that the Ganesha Cannon is colored pink, meaning that it’s not all fun and games whenever it fires a shell filled with rust particles!

Anyways, time for the old man to stop the Ganesha Cannon as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Jabi, he’ll have to face this gorilla enforcer and given his age and ailing health, he won’t stand a chance!

That’s until a certain Imihama Watch captain bonked the gorilla so hard that the primate is sent flying.

That’s right, it’s Pawoo where she wants to pay Jabi back for saving her in the previous episode.

Now then, I hope that they’re gonna tackle the Ganesha Cannon or the Mushroom Keeper Village is history!

Now let’s return to Bisco Akaboshi where- Oh shit, did Governor Kurokawa shot his right eye as payback? This has gone personal, isn’t it?

Of course, the governor doesn’t want to soil his hands further, so Kurokawa ordered this hulking soldier to fire its cannon. Oh boy, I wonder if it’s filled with rust-coated shells?

Oh wait, never mind as the big guy couldn’t even aim properly. But hey, at least the giant is contributing its destruction of the smelting facility.

Sadly, this hulking beast with a cannon will literally fall down as Bisco created iron mushrooms that sinks the giant to the smelting pot of lava.

Man, I wish Bisco would take Kurokawa down along with the giant, but he wants to aim at the governor’s head.

Except that Bisco misses as it’s revealed that the Rusting disease has caught up with his hands. And damn, it disintegrates.

Seriously, did Bisco Akaboshi applied the antidote by himself, or he save it for Milo Nekoyanagi’s use?

Regardless, with his firing hand already busted, looks like Bisco will have to punch the governor even if he breaks his arms in the process.

But wait, Kurokawa has his other arm so he wins in the end by shooting Bisco in the head. Oh noes…

Never mind, looks like Kurokawa’s left arm got taken off cleanly. Okay, did Jabi returned to save his pupil from danger?

Oh wait, it’s Milo Nekoyanagi where he rescued Bisco in the nick of time. Glad that Bisco’s partner has arrived to save the day!

But this gives Bisco the opportunity to finish Kurokawa once and for all as he push the governor to the molten lava. Wait, he’s gonna die too!

Speaking of Governor Kurokawa, despite losing an eye and both arms, this motherfucker of a governor remained defiant as he curses Bisco Akaboshi till death!

Oh yeah, what about Bisco? Well, he told Milo that whatever shit hits the fan, keep smiling and overcome everything. Also, Bisco wants Milo to kill him with a bow and arrow rather than the disease itself.

But seriously, I don’t want Bisco to die like the T-800 Terminator. It’s too painful to watch because c’mon, they become inseparable partners!

Even Milo Nekoyanagi can’t release the arrow as he’ll lose someone precious to him. Scratch that, he’s really in love with Bisco Akaboshi!

With that said, Milo shoots an arrow towards Bisco’s chest. Dammit, I can’t believe that the main protagonist of this show has died!

Man, what’s gonna happen on the next episode now that Bisco is dead? This is the saddest thing I’ve ever witnessed and let’s not forget that the series isn’t over.

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