Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season Episodes #08 – #10

Well everyone, looks like Captain Meld Loggins is still alive after being stabbed by Daisuke Hiyama in the back.

Now, the only thing left to do is to inform Kouki Amanogawa and the rest to get out of the castle as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for the captain, some valkyrie created a holy flash towards Meld Loggins. Damn, I hope that he won’t get brainwashed by that mad god.

But it gets even worse is that the letter that was meant for Amanogawa got scrapped by someone else. But yes, Kouki and the rest are basically locked out of the loop as Ehit managed to brainwash everyone within the Kingdom of Heleigh.

Anyways, let’s move onto Hajime Nagumo and his party where they just rescued some innocent travelers from bandits, using an auto-cannon that was mounted on his jeep called Brise.

Now while the bandits don’t stand a chance against machinegun fire, this is quite an overkill coming from Nagumo-kun.

With that said, Hajime’s party rescued some innocent travelers where it turned out to be Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh.

Glad that she managed to escape from her kingdom, but Princess Liliana needs to tell the bad news.

And so, Princess Liliana Heiligh told everyone that Aiko Hatayama has been detained to the Divine Mountain while the entire Kingdom of Heleigh are acting strange lately.

Speaking of strange activities thanks in part of Ehit, let’s not forget that the demons are plotting to destroy the kingdom. If I was a mad god, I would command my followers to kill the demons once and for all, but killing the irregular is top priority because Hajime Nagumo is dangerous according to Ehit.

But let’s go to the Divine Mountain where Aiko Hatayama is locked-up in a prison cell because she’s above Ehit’s influence. Heck, even that nun couldn’t control Hatayama-sensei.

Fortunately, her jail time will be cut short when Hajime Nagumo has arrived to save his teacher. Of course, he needs to rescue Hatayama-sensei now as the demons will be arriving soon.

Nevermind, the demons led by Freid Bagwa have finally arrived to destroy the entire kingdom. And since the king and his men are away, the demons can destroy the castle without any interference… or is it?

Well, there’s Yue and Shea Haulia where they almost died had Yue cast spatial magic to send Freid’s beam of light straight back to him.

Then again, Freid Bagwa’s attack decimated lots of demons thanks to Yue’s spatial magic.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Freid Bagwa is not alone as he brought Mikhail along the right. Also, he’s really pissed towards Hajime Nagumo’s party because they killed Cattleya.

But Shea doesn’t give a shit towards Mikhail’s lover as Hajime and the rest sees her as just a demon. Poor Mikhail, looks like Nagumo’s party doesn’t feel any sympathy towards Cattleya.

Anyways, time for Shea Haulia to bring Mikhail down as she uses her giant kendama hammer to catch him and throw the demon to the ground.

And here’s Mikhail where he’s about to die as the demon calls Shea as a monster. Nice insult there coming from Mikhail, but Shea is gonna end this demon’s career… unless Freid save him from certain death.

But let’s return to Yue where she summoned 5 dragons to terrorize the demons. And really, the demons doesn’t stand a chance except for Freid Bagwa where he has other plans…

…like letting his white dragon ram on the vampire with its horns. Um Freid, are you sure that you’ve killed Yue with that method of yours? I mean, it could be a trap.

Sadly for Freid Bagwa, he and his white dragon received a nasty magic called Revival Reversal where Yue opened up those past scars from both the demon and his dragon.

But yes, Yue won against Freid Bagwa as he was forced to flee. Never underestimate the vampire, especially when she has ancient magic.

Now then, let’s return to Hajime Nagumo where he’s about to take Aiko Hatayama to a safe place before someone cut off their escape path.

Anyways, this is Noint where she changed from a nun into a valkyrie under Ehit’s guidance. Also, she’s the one who created a holy flash towards Meld Loggins.

Now, Noint is about to kill both of them since they’re a nuisance to Ehit’s grand scheme of things. Of course, Nagumo will just brute-force his way towards the valkyrie.

Unfortunately, Hajime can’t take on against Noint simply because he’s holding his teacher. Dropping Hatayama-sensei to her death is a terrible idea.

But not until a certain black dragon made a distraction against Noint with her dragon breath, although that doesn’t kill the valkyrie alone.

With that said, Tio Klarus has arrived to assist Hajime Nagumo, but he told Tio to take Hatayama-sensei to safety instead.

So with Aiko Hatayama being taken away by Tio Klarus, it’s time for Hajime Nagumo to go all out against Noint. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to take down one of Ehit’s valkyries.

In fact, Noint is pretty much invincible as the valkyrie has limitless stamina and magic energy, meaning that she’ll outlast Hajime Nagumo once the fight drags out.

However, Nagumo has one advantage over Noint and that’s his creativity, especially when he has lots of weapons and magic to play with like this one where Hajime ties Noint up.

Speaking of Hajime-kun, his pile bunker is ready to puncture a big hole onto the valkyrie. Let’s hope that he won’t let Noint get away as he’s about to finish her off.

But as you can see, he didn’t miss as Noint got a taste of his pile bunker. And geez, Hajime really made a big gaping hole on Noint’s stomach as no ordinary human would survive that.

Anyways, Noint is finally defeated after Hajime Nagumo prevailed over Ehit’s valkyrie. Now then, I wonder what happened to Aiko Hatayama since Tio Klarus took her?

Oh, they went back to the Divine Mountain or what remains of it as Tio destroyed the structure with her fire breath.

Then again, Tio’s fire breath is not alone to destroy the church… until Hatayama-sensei subconsciously created methane which doubles the firepower. Anyways, time to collect the treasure then!

But first, Hajime Nagumo met the soul of one of the Liberators named Laus Barn where he pointed the direction on where the treasure is.

With that said, it’s time for Nagumo to collect the ancient magic spell from Laus Barn…

…which turned out to be spirit magic. Oh, and getting this kind of ancient magic requires clearing two labyrinths, not being swayed by a mad god, and killing one of god’s guardians where Hajime got lucky when defeating Noint.

In any case, Hajime Nagumo and his party have cleared 5 great labyrinths as they need to clear 2 more in order to return to Japan. On the other hand, what happened to Kouki Amanogawa and the rest?

Well, they’re called by Jose Rancaid where he shows a crystal ball. But since he’s under Ehit’s influence, let’s say that Kouki and his friends got caught in some trap.

In any case, Jose Rancaid blinded the adventurers while they’re being stabbed by the soldiers of Heleigh. Man, even Kousuke Endou got caught in the trap too.

Of course, there’s Shizuku Yaegashi where she didn’t got blinded by the light, meaning that she can escape and ask Hajime Nagumo for help.

Oh wait, she got stabbed and pinned down by Nia as Shizuku Yaegashi can’t escape. But seriously, who’s responsible for literally locking them out of the loop, even as far as dealing these adventurers with grievous harm?

Turns out, it’s none other than Eri Nakamura where she decided to betray Kouki Amanogawa and the rest of the students. Come to think of it, I think she’s the one guiding Daisuke Hiyama into stabbing Meld Loggins.

Anyways, looks like it’s not just Hiyama that Nagumo will have to deal with, but also Nakamura thanks to this betrayal. Man, I’m really scared on what’s gonna happen in the last two episodes of Arifureta Season 2.

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