Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road Episode #01

Oh no, we have another isekai anime show where this protagonist named Mitsuki has the ability to turn everything into no-

Oh wait, Mitsuki got stabbed by some cute girl in the head. There goes the protagonist as this isekai anime has ended!

Just kidding, we’re still in the effect of April Fools’ Day as this show has just begun. Meet Menou, an Executioner and the protagonist of this show where she’s tasked to kill dangerous beings called the Lost Ones.

By the way, that guy earlier happened to be a Lost One where he possesses powerful magic called Pure Concepts that might endanger the entire fantasy world. I guess they’re really aware that some people from Japan have the power to destroy everything.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Menou is one of the survivors who lost her hometown by a Lost One. Not only that, but she’s under the tutelage of the legendary executioner named Flare who showed Menou the ropes on how to kill Lost Ones should she encounter one in the future.

Sadly, Flare disappeared after training Menou to become an executioner. Hoping that she’s still alive to see her successor kicking ass.

Now then, here’s Menou’s aide named Momo where she’s really clingy towards the executioner. Well, looks like this show has some yuri vibes in it, although Menou sees Momo as an annoyance.

One more thing, I forgot to mention that there are high-class people called the Noblesse who still persistent into summoning the Lost Ones for their own gains. In fact, Menou sees the Noblesse as a threat to the Faustian Church as they keep summoning people from Japan.

But anyways, I’m done with the first episode of Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road (or The Executioner and Her Way of Life) as while it’s interesting that the main character came from the fantasy world, I think this show needs to be fleshed out a bit.

By the way, it appears that King Grisarika summoned another Lost One named Akari Tokito. Who she really is and what power does she possess will be revealed on the next episode.

But seriously, the first half of the show caught me off-guard as I thought Mitsuki is the protagonist of this show. Anyways, see ya next time!

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